How to maintain ritual work when traveling; Remote Ritual Upkeep (RRU)


I’ve done 2 videos about this subject that you can find below, and the end of this article; other than what’s mentioned in these videos, I’ll share on how to do this optimally through text.

For sorcerers & practitioners that have altars, generally speaking when you’re away for longer than a day or a week etc. (a time period that overlaps your ritual-hosting sessions) you’re unable to keep working, so to speak. After all, you can’t host ritual when on a multi-day road trip or holiday….right? Wrong; you can.

A very simple, yet effective method (for experienced mages especially) is to generate energy from your own being/astral body/spirit & to redirect that energy to your altar in question. You can, optionally, also ask the spirit or entity that occupies the altar that needs maintaining to convert that energy into its own, so to just take it and convert it for its own purposes when you are busy generating. Below the outline:

  1.  State your intent (e.g. I’m about to generate spiritual energy & the intent is to direct it towards the altar or entity that occupies it/lives in it)
  2.  Generate energy (The Middle Pillar is a classical example, I don’t need to point out how to do this).
  3.  Direct it towards one of the aforementioned; see yourself giving your energy to your spirit or see your altar absorb your energy, all the while becoming its own or see yourself hosting ritual at the altar just the way you’re used to doing. 
  4.  Keep going until your senses/intuition/ Altar-occupying spirit tells you that that’s enough; convince yourself that “that’s enough”.

That’s all there is to it; this will see to it that you don’t miss a day of work, and can continue the potency of your Magickal working(s) from anywhere in essence.

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