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I will share my recent experience(s) in working with the Black Sun exercise in this article. But first off, a short introduction to those that do not know what the exercise contains. I first came across this exercise 3 years ago when i was still a beginning occultist and a dabbler; the Left Hand Path mage that goes by the alias E.A. Koetting published a video in which he gives the short version of what it is and what benefit it has for the practitioner. I remember doing this exercise very well back then and the mentally numbing effect it had on me, i felt absolutely worthless/ useless for 3 days or so after performing it for a day or five. So let me state immediately that the conclusion is that this ritual is not for beginners.

The link to the YouTube video: Black Sun Exercise (no longer available since YT has deleted his channel, see for yourself by clicking on it). See here for a text document of the video, copied & pasted as on His newsletter in ref. to the video.

I did this ritual again starting in September 2016 for a month and before doing so i performed divination like i always do to see the outcome and so that i don’t waste my time in undertaking something that doesn’t benefit me. The result was what happened and that is that the exercise had side-effects such as an increased appetite; i started getting cravings a lot more often( i used to eat once a day and now it’s three times a day). I also felt more rage boiling inside me(anger, hate etc). But the positive results were very good: an increase in my monthly income( I mentioned in an earlier article that that was at $3000, turned into $3500 and heading towards $4000 at the moment), and i felt mentally healthier and stronger; good amounts of clarity and mental baggage disappeared, although i must point out that the BS exercise amplifies my existing work and the before mentioned benefits are a result of that. So not the exercise in itself. I managed to upgrade this ritual after practicing it for a few weeks by adding an image and scrying it which is more effective than the original exercise itself; i recommend that both be done(how i do it), so scrye first and then the exercise itself. Image below can be used for scrying by copying it to a (white) piece of paper.


Another thing i need to mention is that the beginning is the hardest and you’ll feel “the burn” then but not anymore after a while and the meditation will take on different variations( in mine for example i started seeing a normal sun fusing with the black sun and the black sun getting more “shiny and glimmery” after a while).it should be done once a day. Lastly, this was my personal experience so it will probably differ for people, depending on the individual. My advice: Check first to see if it’ll do anything for you.

Also of interest (perhaps): Black Sun (occult symbol) Wiki




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