The Ars Paulina Part 1


I took up to working the Ars Paulina part 1 from the Lesser key of Solomon a few years ago. For those of you that don’t what the AP is, it is a magical system that utilizes angels and involves summoning the celestial deities mentioned before within the hour on the day that they rule over. Take notice that the actual hours in a day and the hours as modern society takes it vary considerably; the first hour on a day for example starts, according to this system and in actuality, at sunrise as opposed to the midnight that we are used to seeing as the start of a new day and present in technological gadgets. This esoteric timetable can be calculated quite easily. I listed an online free calculator for doing so and a link to doing the math by hand below.

Online calc.: Planetary hours calc.
By hand: Doing it by hand

Long story short, a few implements are needed, specifically a table of practise which is a table on which the 7 classical planets are drawn (So the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn) as shown in the picture below.




A seal has to be made also according to the instructions outlined in the document and a conjuration to be said with your hand on the seal which should be placed on the planet that rules the sign which is in the Ascendant. *Note that you must have at least basic knowledge of Astrology to work with the AP. One will further also need a Crystal Ball and incense corresponding to the ruling planet. The angel summoned is supposed to appear in the ball.

This is my own table:


This project, unfortunately, was a bust meaning that it did not work for me. No angel appeared and nothing happened. I was able to find out that following the instructions in the Lesser Key of Solomon was not enough; there is more to it. Perhaps my fault for thinking that, but you live and learn, right? I don’t know if i’ll ever pick it up again after the necessary research provides me with somewhat of a guarantee but we will see. Watch the video, I reveal the secret to success in doing this; I found the missing factor.


A copy of the Ars Paulina parts 1 & 2 can be found here: Ars Paulina



See here for part 2

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  1. Jeff

    I need some advice working with fur fur, Amon and vassigo. I am currently working with these sprits. I am having a hard time managing theme. I am also dealing with the sprit zozor he was uninvited and drains me. I have been using the angles to find Ballance it is not working.

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