The occult & agriculture


Believe it or not, the occult can also be utilized for agricultural purposes. Farms and fields can flourish like no other and plants and husbandry can also thrive and thereby prosper. There are plenty of options here and they vary, since there have been plenty of pagan Gods that have been worshiped for this exact purpose. One can or would be able to work via the weather, e.g. instigating rain or drought or work directly via the soil by influencing the fields and related.

Some spirits that would be able to do so directly that I’m knowledgeable on are Bael & Paimon for example; The former was worshiped partially for fertility purposes and Paimon is a Lunar spirit, and Lunar spirits are generally good for these ends, and it works both ways.  They can instigate things the adverse way too, drought I mean. Pazuzu is also a good fit, but for drought more than fertility. Doing so via the weather would yield different options, in the way of Matariel, Pazuzu and so on. So this is definitely something for farmers and other related people to keep in mind.

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