The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses


I’ll be covering the grimoire “The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses” in this article; it is in short, a traditional grimoire or workbook that gives instructions on how to summon angelic beings, after reciting orations and making use of seals etc.

I have dealt with one of the spirits mentioned herein, called Anoch, and He is Mercurial (19° in Gemini- power) and offers abundance on a daily basis and financial prosperity; the only drawback is that He will cause you as an operator to overreach oneself in the aforementioned, albeit slightly. Here a copy of the book.

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses does have potency & potential, that is clear, and the Angels mentioned in it have much to offer that is practical.




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  1. Babatunde Samuel Oladimeji

    Welcome sir am really interested in this powerful six and seven books of Moses but please sir how can I get it sir and what’s the procedure and process to get it sir thanks so much for the understanding sir,


    Well done sir, but please sir , how do I use it for conjunction, what is the procedure and process involved. Please, am really interested in how it works. Thanks

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