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I’ll be discussing elemental spirits and what they have to offer, attributes etc; long story short, they have a LOT to offer in things relating to their perspective spheres, and they can do so in an original and inventive way, really exceptional skill can be showcased. Drawback is that that is the ONLY thing they have to offer, so don’t even bother asking them anything else- nada, zip, nothing.

There are 4 elements, and below the names of corresponding spirits:

  1. Fire- Salamanders
  2. Earth- Gnomes
  3. Air- Sylphs
  4. Water- Undines 

Salamanders appear as fiery men, Gnomes as just that: Gnomes, Sylphs as Airy, long haired men, Undines as mermaids/mermen or watery people.

Per definition, elemental spirits are nothing more than spirits that inhabit the astral equivalents of the elements; let it be noted that there is a 5th element, spirit and that the spirits residing in it are transparent in appearance and more quiet & withdrawn, nevertheless willing to help. Now I’ll elaborate on the attributes/skills of the elements and their respective spirits.

  • Fire: Mental and Physical fortitude, courage, aggression, strife, weapon-handling etc. Practical examples of application are assistance in weightlifting, becoming heavier (girth), stronger as a whole (so overall), skilled in dealing with weaponry etc.
  • Earth: Material wealth, nature-related things such as forests/woods, terrestrial territory such as the Earth/Soil. Practical examples of application are assistance in obtaining material wealth, precious metals and treasures, fertile lands, attunement to nature etc.
  • Air: Beauty, Harmony, Peace, Balance, agility etc. Practical examples of application are assistance in learning a subject/absorbing it as quickly and efficiently as possible, attaining physical beauty, mental balance, easy social contacts etc.
  • Water: Adaptability, fluidity, knowledge of the waters (seas, oceans), stable or intense emotional/astral features, clairvoyance. Practical examples of application are assistance in clairvoyance, adapting to situations/circumstances, seafaring ventures, etc.

See this video for An aerial spirit I did a video on, and this one of an Earth elemental. Also, see here for the fifth element


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