How to measure a spirit’s power


I shall discuss measuring or gauging a spirit’s power level in this article; this was brought on by the angel Araquiel I wrote on previously; He’s Venusian and a Libra, but I nevertheless wanted to see how strong he was, and the result below.

Info Araquiel, power level
. Midheaven in Pisces, 6°- staunch/ steadfast
. Neptune in Pisces, 14°- pusher, aggressive, initiative
. The Sun in Pisces, 15°- gentleness
. Chiron in Pisces, 27°- distracting, misdirection
. Venus in Pisces, 29°- Victorious
. Mercury in Aries, 0°- Impulsive


From the makeup, you can see that Venus is the strongest, displaying a strong level for success; the rest confers/ displays a venusian nature (The Sun), combined with perseverance and strong willpower. Mercury in Aries however, does have one minor drawback: a bit overly aggressive or impulsive.

This is an excellent example for how to “power-gauge” a spirit. 


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