The research files vol. LXV: Iapetus


I’ll be discussing another Titan God this time, and I must say that the Titans really pack a punch, they really impress me with their power. Celestials are undisputed, and infernals coming in second but man, Gods like these impress me with their power & skill.

Iapetus is the one on point today, and He was also like his brother Cronus a ruler during the golden age. He is known for his craftsmanship & mortality. All of these things are true, as Iapetus does indeed cover those things, so learning an art form, work in general, rising to the top in whatever field you wish to desire or life overall, financial success & otherwise and clairvoyance (dealings with the dead/ death). Regarding appearance, He appears as a blonde, somewhat bulky man wearing armor and a spear with a viking helmet. He also has a purple glow to Him when disappearing.

PS name means “piercer” & He’s Jupiterian (29° in Sagittarius- artist) with strong Saturnian influences (Capricorn).


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