Do curses exist? Yes.

A curse, hex or whatever you want to call it is a heap of energy that generally leads to negative, and unwanted situations and/ or changes in one’s life; this can be accidents, misfortune and other general unpleasantries. Common consequences are significant hostility towards you, mental or physical health issues, near constant bad luck and so on.

The source of said curse or hex can be general black magick cast towards you by someone else, or a person that is jealous towards you to the point where a curse is born. (in some cases the person isn’t even aware of what he/ she did)
Taking an accursed object or defiling a spiritual place that is guarded by an entity or entities is also a viable reason for being or becoming cursed, and likewise situations.

How to get rid of a curse, aside from asking someone ( a magician or sorcerer) for help? Below are a couple of examples; one can see a curse as being astrally tainted/ corrupted, similar to a virus infecting a computer.

. Eat lots of garlic & salt; both are spiritual cleansers.
. Bathe with water mixed with the above mentioned two.
. Take note of small things like the need to scratch yourself as if you have a rash, when you have none- these are indicators of a curse or negative lingering energy.
. Visualize yourself being cleansed astrally and being pure multiple times a day, like an exercise.
. Practise and perform the LBRP & BRH once a day.
. Make use of an egg cleansing technique.


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