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For those of you that want to know more about me, aside from what the about section states, here it is; I thought briefly on whether I should write this, but why not…

My full name is Morino Ravenberg. My first name means Moor in Italian, from which it’s derived. My last name means Raven Rock in Dutch, my native language. I speak English primarily as main language, with Dutch in second; I’m of a mixed race on paper; my father is black & mother is Hindu. I’m Caucasian at heart and as I stated on my YouTube channel, I am the reincarnation of a Dutch western magician, hence my personality & affinity for the occult, which comes to me naturally. I’m astrologically speaking a Libra in theory, but Scorpio prevails with me; so I favor Mars & its fire, destruction and power.

Things I enjoy doing are general; I listen primarily to house/groove music, like nature and vegetation, swimming and sightseeing to name a few.

I live in a shithole called Suriname, which is in short a former Dutch colony and is known as one of the three Guianas. I was born and bred here, unfortunately; I hate “my country” with all my heart, due to the fact that it’s an insult to my divinity & Godhood. I care about- & live by order, structure & the highest quality of life available; there’s none of that here. It’s worth less than nothing & ranks at #159 based on GDP, laughably offensive.

Why am I still here then? Immigration to the aforementioned is impossible, as most people know. Requirements are all but impossible to adhere to. Not that this will stop me…I’m leaving ASAP. I want to go home.

This is what I look like, per 2022:











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