Magic(k)al Spam


What is Magickal spam? These are thoughts that are the spiritual equivalent of e-mail spam or junk mail; when practicing Magick, you might have noticed (especially as you gradually get stronger) that weird thoughts will come to mind or you’ll have hairbrained ideas that will pop up out of nowhere. For the rest you can also expect to, for example, see the entities you work with do weird things- outright ridiculous things even. Just imagine an entity twerking and you can imagine the levels of WTF reactions you’ll get; guess what? All of this is normal….what you’re seeing is the energetic fallout of the pressure placed upon your astral body (spirit). The same way your physical body sheds dead skin cells, your astral body “sheds” negative energy that is released (so to speak) as a result of your workings. This will lead you to seeing the aforementioned. How to deal with it? Recognize it, ask yourself if unsure whether what you’re seeing or hearing or otherwise is “legit”. Usually you’ll be able to distinguish the real from the unreal. If you see a spirit smoking and it’s not in His/Her nature to do so, take a good look at them and focus (silence your mind and free yourself mentally from distractions & impurities) and you’ll see what they’re actually doing which will usually be them just standing quietly and idly by, looking or staring at you. Rest assured that all of this is normal and no need to worry that something is wrong with you or your senses or abilities (unless your senses & intuition tell you that this is indeed the case e.g. due to a change you made in how you operate that causes disruption(s)). I personally just ignore it in general; I know that my guys and energy are there, doing their thing, because I can sense it, regardless of minor “anomalies” and other kinds of weirdness, which I chalk up to my imagination. Speaking of imagination, your spiritual energy & any changes to it or adjustments can also cause your imagination to go haywire, and subsequently make it so that you see the above or odd stuff. No worries, it’s all good. Just manage like I mentioned earlier; no pain, no gain as always or usual.


Are spirits projections/ inventions of the mind?

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