The art of Mind-delving


I’ve invented & developed a technique that most of my followers know, called mind-delving; before I continue, this is, at a base level, reading minds (I didn’t come up with that of course) but invented in the sense of the way I specifically do it. I’ve since then mastered / perfected it (even if I say so myself).

  • What is it by definition? It’s connecting with someone’s Astral body (spirit) & extracting information about them in any given way, shape or form.
  • How does it work? You gather all of your mental / spiritual strength & will yourself to connect with your target in question & them make your inquiry or state your business.
  • Are there any conditions you need to meet, or “catches?” Yes; general magickal factors that apply to any practitioner apply, e.g. how strong you are (power level), your personality in question, your level of adeptness or skill in said technique are notable mentions.
  • Is this technique error-prone in any way whatsoever? Yes; like any technique, it’s not perfect. The drawback for example is that if you delve into the mind of a target that is mentally afflicted, and are not experienced enough to recognize the “red flags“, you’ll fall for it, meaning that you’ll view their delusion or affliction as the real thing; by default, you need to be weary and alert for pitfalls, e.g. mental illness, instability, fantasy, delusion, confusion, dullness that you can mistake for legitimate intentions. When experienced & skilled enough you’ll be able to make up your own mind or draw your own conclusions and summarize what is legitimate in relation to your “victim”, and what is dismissible.
  • What are examples of the practical benefits of doing something like this? You can read someone’s mind & find out how they’re doing, what they’ve got going on etc. You can see what a location looked like in the past or the adverse; what it most likely will look like in the future. You can find out the deepest secrets about someone, a location or an event. All practical to the fullest extent.

* In relation to the last point, once you’re more experienced and can make those aforementioned recognitions, you can will yourself to ask “Is what I’m seeing real or legitimate?”, or “Neutralize this delusion & show me what is actually going on”.
* Let it also be noted that you can also delve into the mind of locations and pretty much anything you can think of, not to mention that if your object of interest is too unstable or N/A you can simply circumvent this by viewing it / them through someone else.
* You might also wonder: what about someone that’s already dead? Yes, can still be done- you will see the lifetime you are focused on, regarding your intentions (provided the person had multiple).
* You can establish severity or magnitude, meaning that you can also read someone’s mind in the above-explained manner superficially by following the same outline but in a much shorter fashion e.g. 5 seconds. You’re essentially getting a “whiff” of them.

Last, but definitely not least- VERY important as a matter of fact: you need to understand that all of the mechanics at the core or base level regarding this technique take place in / through the Astral plane (spirit world), so factors such as the names of people, minor details in relation to a location (e.g. a cup on a table that disappears after a few seconds) etc. are non-applicable or N/A; other things on the other hand, such as they way it / they look physically, cities, countries and whatnot are valid due to the fact that they are permanent in nature.

Watch videos in below playlist for utmost detail

Mind-delving, prime divination, Astral Projection 2.0, you name it.

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