Free Will and one’s destiny


I spoke to someone about this a few days ago and he advised me to write this article on said topic; I did not feel anything or much for it at first, but since I do have some free time at the moment, I thought to share my PoV on this matter.

I often come across posts on my Facebook news feed that indicate that people have free will. Examples are Coca Cola’s “Life is what you make it” & “Take control of your life”…”You and you alone are responsible for your own actions”.
My reaction is more or less “What a load of shit”. Simply put, there is NO such thing as free will; free will exists in an indirect sense that you can decide what you want to have for dinner, but that is all. What I find troublesome is how people can be so naive as not to realize that they had no say in the matter when it comes to their own existence.
Did any of us choose when, how and under what circumstances we wanted to be born or born at all into this world? NO. Did we choose our own names, gender, race, parents? NO. Did we choose our own interests and character traits? NO.
Point made; we don’t choose anything. There is a saying in Dutch…Life is like toilet paper; you get your roll and are stuck with it (role here meaning role too). We’re bluntly put, nothing but pawns in God’s chess game.
But of course that doesn’t mean that existence is futile and you shouldn’t do anything and just drop everything since there’s “no point in doing so”. The point is that regardless of what we do, all is decided and has been already been done so. Our entire destiny.
Nothing we can do about it. That’s the very definition of omnipotence: deciding everything, all under one’s control. We all have to adhere to it, whether we like it or not. Even the Angels. So no, there was never any great war in heaven or anything that has ever challenged God’s power. It’s all part of His plan, nothing more than a predestined event, like everything else.

Nothing opposes, challenges, or even remotely threatens God. Keep that in mind.



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