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For those of you that want to know more about me, aside from what the about section states, here it is; I thought briefly on whether I should write this, but why not…

My full name is Morino Carlo Ravenberg, but I don’t like and use my second name due to the fact that Carlo is a name generally given to bald, black men. My first name means Moor in Italian, from which it’s derived. My last name means Raven Rock in Dutch, my native language. I speak English primarily as main language, with Dutch in second; I’m of a mixed race on paper; my father is black & mother is Hindu. I’m caucasian at heart and as I stated on my youtube channel, I am the reincarnation of a caucasian (european) western magician, hence my personality & affinity for the occult, which comes to me naturally. I’m astrologically speaking a Libra in theory, but Scorpio prevails with me; so I favor Mars & its fire, destruction and power.

Things I enjoy doing are general; I listen primarily to Heavy Metal music, like nature and vegetation, swimming and sightseeing to name a few.

I live in a country called Suriname, which is in short a former Dutch colony and is known as one of the three Guianas. I was born and bred here, unfortunately; I hate “my country” with all my heart, due to the fact that it’s an insult to what I am and who I am. I am a westerner as mentioned before and care about what happens in the West (North America, Europe & Australia), NOT here. I am barely familiar with the national anthem and related affairs of the country. I care about & live by order, structure & the highest quality of life available; there’s none of that here. It’s worth less than nothing & ranks at #159 based on GDP, laughably offensive.
Why am I still here then? Immigration to the West is impossible, as most people know. Requirements are all but impossible to adhere to. Not that this will stop me…I’m leaving ASAP. I want to go home.

This is what I look like, per 2018:


A video on Suriname can be viewed here.

Here one of the very few nice places it has to offer:

A video highlighting some nice places, made by me, is below(PS. the flag shown below is not the official one, just one made by me for fun, for a thumbnail):


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