The research files vol. XXXVII: Paimon


I very recently got to invoking the Goetic spirit Paimon, and I have always wondered about Him somewhere in the recesses of my mind; I consider Him a “heavy hitter”, like Belial and Lucifer. The Goetia lists Paimon as having a wide array of skills, treasure revealing & the arts to name a few.

When I did research on Him, he turned out to be Lunar (Cancer, 14°); A degree which stands for a…you guessed it, wide array of skills; handicrafts, the arts, math & finance.
Then it dawned on me; it explains the “being able to reveal things in the soil and the waters” bit & the association with the West, since the Moon deals with these things too (Cancer confers to the soil and the earth too from an horary perspective). The Moon also rules water as an element. When invoking Him, he took on the traditional goetic look of a man riding a dromedary, a beautiful man at that too. Wearing blue and having a diplomatic-like voice. He was, as the Goetia lists again, accompanied by 2 assistants whom he dismissed after he saw that I’d rather not have them there. He also had a tail, but did away quickly with that too. He’s thanking me for this writing as I am typing this. I also remember Him wearing some kind of male tiara with a gem in the middle, so on his forehead. Paimon’s a perfectionist, and it showed since he asked me specifically pertaining my goal how I want it done. I had difficulty making out facial features in detail and he told me to save my energy, since that is how he appears…”Don’t even bother Morino, this is how I appear- no need to look at my hair in detail or my face”. Lastly, he is indeed accompanied by a host of spirits since I noticed that there was a good deal of energy buzzing about even hour after the ritual. My patron told me that he’ll clean house and they were gone after a minute or so.