The Research files vol. XLIV: Ouranos


I covered Gaia in my previous article, and it’s her husbands turn now to follow suit; He asked me after I wrote on her of course, hence this article. The greek primordial God Ouranos was known as “father sky” or “protogenos”.

This piece will be short, as there isn’t much to say; Despite His attributes as appointed by His followers back in the day, He is martian (14° in Aries, alone) and has aggressive or warlike tendencies, and is good for all things martian e.g. courage, physical fortitude, strength etc. He is distant or more timid because of his nature though. You’d think that He’d have Air-based qualities based on His persona as history indicates, but nope again- you need to look further. Help with heavy labor is also a good thing to work for with Him. He appears as an old man in a blue robe or a younger version of this.

See here for information about Him. He says that He’s not a big fan of seals and that it’s not necessary.