Theurgia Goetia analysis


I’ll be discussing the Theurgia Goetia grimoire- for those unfamiliar with it, it’s a magickal workbook that’s part of the Lesser Key of Solomon. There are spirits mentioned in it that one can work with for practically anything. See the introductory description below:

The office of these Spirits is all one, for what one can do the others can do the
same, they can show & discover all things that are hidden, and done in the world &
can fetch & carry & do any thing that is to be done or contained in any of the 4 Elements,
Fire, Air, Earth or Water, & also the secrets of Kings or any other persons or
person, let it be in what kind it will.
These are by nature good & evil, that is the one part is good & the other part is
Evil, they are governed by their Princes, & each Prince hath his abode in the points
of the Compass, as is shown in the following figure, therefore when you have a
desire to call any of the Princes or any of their servants, you are to direct yourself
towards that point of the Compass the King or Prince has his mansion or place of
Abode, & you cannot well err in your operations, note every Prince is to have his
Conjuration, yet all of one form, excepting the name and place of the Spirit for in
that they must change & differ, also the seals of the Spirits are to be changed accordingly”.


Notable things to keep in mind:
– All spirits can do the same, attribute-wise.
– Some are Infernal, some Celestial.
– Spirits are Airy, regarding correspondence.
– Titles (Kings, etc.) can be disregarded.
(points are an accurate estimate, but not set in stone)


See graph below as given in Grimoire, with the spirits shown/displayed by wind direction, season & element.


Theurgia Goetia

Summarized analysis of this grimoire as a whole is that it offers the following:

Independance, self-empowerment & overall ascent; movement, fast results (generally). Overcoming hardship. Practically anything that one would desire. One of the spirits mentioned therein as an example, named Icosiel, is Jupiterian (13° in Pisces) and offers clairvoyance, aid in financial matters & willpower.

Here a copy of the Theurgia Goetia.