The dreaded Retrograde in Astrology; what it means and so on


The metaphorical nightmare of every Astrologer out there when dealing with charts is the Retrograde (click to see the Wiki definition); it is signified or showcased by an ” “, so the letter R with a tail stroke (line going through it near the tail of the letter). Why? Because it is, to all practitioners that know what it means, a signifier of bad news, a bad omen if you will (in general). Below I’ll explain in detail what it means in the Occult & Astrology.

When a planet or any celestial body is going Retrograde (℞), it means that that planet in a manner of speaking is going backwards, so in reverse, which in its turn displays a negative that is felt especially within Natal Astrology; it denotes that there are one or more negative traits or conditions regarding an individuals personality which would generally speaking be positive in nature- so instead of an asset, it’s a detriment. I will give an example using my own natal chart. Click here for the image in the highest possible resolution I can offer.

See that Retrograde? The planet Jupiter was in the zodiac sign Aquarius when I was born, going Retrograde. It means that the first part of my life (0-30 yrs) was an absolute hell. If it wasn’t going Retrograde, it would have been the exact opposite; that part of my life would’ve been heavenly, so to speak. Now do you see the significance of the ℞?

In other branches like Horary Astrology it rarely means anything; if it does, then it signifies (obviously depending on the inquiry, which is situation-based) ill intent, misunderstandings etc. to name a few examples.

What needs to be kept in mind is that it is most prevalent in permanent situations and related; that’s also why it rarely matters in branches other than Natal Astrology.