Astrological services & readings



-I offer Astrological services & readings too-

The types I offer:

– Natal Astrology; natal astrology gives you an overview of your personality.Your character-traits, strengths & weaknesses, interests and related can be found out via natal astrology.

– Relocation Astrology; this type of astrology is ideal for people who want to move,be it to another state or country. A relocation reading tells you what changes await you in the place you’re planning on moving to.

– Horary Astrology; this form of astrology is useful for asking questions.

“Should I move into this house?”,”Are me & my lover suited for one another?”,”Which is the best time to get married?”,”When can I look for a new job?” etc. are all questions that can be answered via erecting a horary chart.

-The price for a (general) reading is: $350.
*See the contact me section in the sidebar if interested or click here.

You will be sent a custom YouTube video in which the result is displayed and related.
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