Is there a difference between outdoor and indoor rituals?


No, there isn’t; This equals the notion that God is confined to a building e.g. a church or something similar. It doesn’t matter where you go, what you do..spirits are always there and they can be summoned to be present at a whim, even if you find yourself in a prison cell without lighting.

When summoning types of spirits, having a corresponding element present and doing things at the right time, e.g. day & hour and so on helps a lil bit, but it barely makes a difference. Once you become adept, you’ll see that these things serve more as crutches for beginners and intermediates, but don’t make too much of a difference. Examples are summoning elemental spirits within nature, a bonfire, a lake, or a mine. The idea looks “fun” and creative, but is not necessary. Spirits can be at multiple places at the same time, since they are one energetic entity and can therefore transcend time & space, so the size of a room or location also doesn’t matter; they can shrink themselves to a pea or less, and also do the adverse, make themselves giants. They can manifest in different shapes, take on different appearances and have different voices. They’re ethereal and therefore adaptable like water, in general.

So in short, it doesn’t matter whether you do something indoors or outdoors, or otherwise; They will be there, if you call them.