The research files LXXIII: Maat


I’ll be talking about the egyptian goddess Maat today, the goddess that stood for positive aspects of mundane and daily life; so order, balance, fairness, honesty and so on. Basically “proper etiquette”.

Maat appears as Isis, a winged goddess that looks a lot like her, but of course not exactly like Her. To be honest, appearance-wise I prefer Isis, but that’s okay. Nothing else can be said about physical features. Interestingly, my dog’s name is Naat and I tease her sometimes about her being a canine goddess (lol) and because they sound so familiar, Maat appeared at a later stadium which I knew was going to happen.
She’s Mercurial (27° in Gemini- artist) and a powerful at that; She’s good for all things that deal with daily life, along with domestic life and related matters. Practical applications are money, family life, communication, short distance travel and so on. Law & justice are also on the table, but not her strong suit. Still good for that, though.

Minorly interesting prayers etc. here.

PS. I share these since I have no real experience in working with Her.


The research files vol. XIV: Zadkiel


I invoked the Archangel Zadkiel or Tzadqiel for one of my customers over a week ago, 9 days ago, to be exact. He is know as the Archangel of Jupiter and therefore the one best suited in my opinion for this work. The task or goal is a big one; my customer and friend lives in Toronto,Canada and wants his own house; see here to see what the avg. housing costs are there. Yikes indeed.

This was something that he needed and was not out of greed, otherwise I might have gone with an infernal spirit. But I love Angels for their power & stability. When I invoked Zadkiel, he took on the appearance of a Caucasian male with black hair and dark blue eyes & apparel. He held a pair of scales/ lantern in his hand and a spear/ rod. His footwear was black (sandals) and dark blue angelic huge wings. His hair changed sometimes from curly to long and the lantern emitted 3 types of light: sometimes multi-colored, yellow or blue. His voice was strong, clear and sure and what I loved about it, is that it produced a silencing effect; when he spoke, it was like every other sound in the world stopped and I was in a cave. He told me that my customer & friend can take a year’s notice and will help him. Lastly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye when I was recording the audio entry on this ritual, and when I looked back I saw a huge, moth-like creature, the size of an adult dog. It dissipated after a few seconds, but I loved that, seeing it.

Since then my friend has told me that he has seen physical moths everywhere pretty much; they pop up regularly. I will keep an eye on matters as I always do. This is a long term goal, but things are looking good so far.

This is a mere example of course, but Zadkiel is one of the best ones one can work with out there; He covers multiple ventures, wealth and judicial issues being 2 examples. All matters belonging unto the signs Sagittarius and Pisces are applicable. See here if unfamiliar with things relating unto Jupiter as well as the other planets.