The research files vol. LXXII: Isis


I’ll be covering the egyptian goddess Isis in this article; She is one of the most well-known in general, worldwide. The egyptians worshipped her primarily as a sky, nature- and protector goddess and so on. See here for more info.

Isis is Venusian, unsurprisingly, (14° in Taurus- movement) and therefore has her forté in matters concerning nature, earth and to a lesser extent weather. Practical applications are money and agricultural endeavors for example. She is swift in her way of working, so one won’t have to wait long for results. Another thing she was revered for is her magical prowess, or affinity in magic; do keep in mind that this is not her forté, based on her aforementioned attributes. Based on what I’ve read, it would seem that she was counted on for nature and feminine- based matters more than protection and magic, but that doesn’t mean of course that one should rule these traits out.

It is interesting to note that the Order of the golden dawn’s first temple partially bore Her name, and they have a strong link with Isis. This book also further supports that.

Lastly, Isis appears as a beautiful woman dressed in egyptian wear with a bird-like headdress to me with an orb staff, and has a friendly & gentle touch. She did go topless for me for a moment, and told me that this is because she knows that I have a strong sex drive.
This article is also interesting, denoting why she is depicted as having wings, despite the fact that it was obvious to me.