The research files vol. XIII: Michael


I invoked the Archangel Michael a week ago for a customer; his daughter was having issues at school, mainly, that she was being bullied and taunted into hitting and thereby getting into trouble. He wanted me to stop all of that and have her be able to focus on her schoolwork. The first thought that came to mind was Michael and thus I proceeded after the necessary research.

When I invoked Him, he took the classical appearance; the “Angel with big, beautiful orange wings, wearing a white robe and an orange belt” look. He told me that the task will not be a problem and that he will get to work ASAP. His hair was blonde and curly, but turned orange every now & then. Michael is one of those that is or can be considered a Jack-of-all-trades in the lines of skill or specialty. I consider him to be Mercurial, others Solar, but for this one I used Solar correspondences, since it was a Sunday. He told me that full results will be visible over time, but that the target will notice change right away. Funny thing is that he wanted to make small talk towards me, since he had nothing better to do in his own words. But I wanted to keep things on point and he agreed to that & made it clear that I can summon him anytime when he wants.

The most interesting thing in an occult sense is how much He wore me down. I felt like doing nothing for the remainder of the day after the invocation. The client and his daughter told me too that they were out cold, more or less. His daughter was pretty much “passed out”. He confirmed success yesterday & my own check-up too. Done.