The Research Files vol. XLIII: Gaia


I’ll be covering a pagan goddess this time, the Greek goddess Gaia; she is the mother of the earth and nature etc. See here for more information on her. I personally don’t like pagan Gods, as my followers already know, for their lack of power for one and that fact that they’re manmade spirits, but I was inspired after playing a video game (out of boredom) called Age of mythology: the Titans, in which she is a selectable deity. It’s not all about power and some pagan entities are good to work with, and Gaia is another one of them.

Surely enough, thinking about Her drew her to me and she offered to talk to me on what she has to offer, without compensation via an offering or otherwise; she is good for everyday things, communication overall, clairvoyance (to a lesser degree), nature-related matters, mental pursuits (e.g. education wise), maternal matters, and so on. She welcomes followers, but doesn’t want to return to her “former level of glory” and mass attention; she is fond of her peace and also does not want people to ask her for vengeful tasks, e.g. harming someone, despite her being able to do so (to a certain extent).

Gaia corresponds to Mercury, with Gemini as zodiac sign (28°, originality) and says that a seal is not necessary, but people that are used to working with seals can use one of a Hexagram with a leaf symbol in the middle. She does have quite some power, so I wouldn’t underestimate her. Read here about Gaia’s greek story. I thought at first that she was Lunar due to the whole mother goddess/ nature aspect, but nope…