I’ll be covering one of the demons mentioned in the Grimorium Verum today, called Scirlin; He is said to be the one in this book to contact before being able to deal with the others, more or less- this is the case, as with most grimoires, only within the grimoire and not in general.

Scirlin is Jupiterian (25° in Sagittarius-forerunner) and excels at wealth, material prosperity and long distance communication. He appears as a short gnome-like creature, green & all, with an orc’s head. There are, generally speaking, no drawbacks to working with Him…as is the not case with demons in general. Seal is the header image, given to me by Him. One could also do a self-made seal, but this one is (obviously) better.




I’m recording this for my own personal purposes, this is in reference to the article in which I dealt with Mercury extensively; I have my first Mercurial celestial spirit, an angel by the header’s name called Spipher (pron. Spaifer).

He deals wil all things, and specializes in results that will manifest as quickly as possible. Obviously, He is Mercurial and corresponds to 22° in Gemini. Appearance is that of a transparent angel, and non-transparent wise an angel with blond hair & orange robe.


Update per 8/23/2018

I have since then grown in experience with Spipher, and He has done great; He works swiftly, and has served multiple clients who have in most cases reported success. His appearance also varies, from orange to skyblue and I have added Venusian pentacles to the mix that make Him stronger and more potent in dealing with love/ sex related matters. Only drawback is that effects aren’t long lasting, normal drawback of Mercurials.











The research files vol. LXXXIII: Metatron


I’ll be covering the Archangel Metatron today; He is the ruler of the kabbalistic sphere Kether, representing cosmic wisdom and power through which God manifests into the rest of our world. Interesting to note that His face also appears on the first pentacle of the Sun, and known as the “face of God”; see the featured image.

From an occult point of view, I can see why Metatron has the highest position in the kabbalah; He corresponds to Scorpio (20°- unconventional) and is not Martian obviously, but it refers to His way of working, which is intense; Metatron is such a versatile one; can provide money, clairvoyance & understanding of the universe/ cosmos, prominence + the ability to be a good spokesman, thereby gaining support from parties, mastery of practically any artform (e.g. science, metaphysics) & information on past lives. All of the aforementioned are what He offers as a strong suit and as I mentioned before, He’s quite the multi-tasker.

Appearance is that of a transparent old man with beard, but in all honesty it can safely be stated that He has none, and He told me this too; I saw Him change forms intermittently and the above-mentioned form is a projection of my own subconscious as how to see Him. But an old man with a beard dressed in a white robe is His general appearance.


The research files LXXVI: Zeus


Zeus, the main god of the greeks after the fall of the titans and later dubbed as Jupiter by the romans. What can I say other than this was coming. Zeus has asked me politely if I could write about Him, and thusly I am.

Zeus is Mercurial (25° in Gemini- motion) and is good for overall improvements in one’s daily life; money, and progress in that way are what He has to offer one, along with minor good fortune. I never liked Zeus personally, but that doesn’t take away the fact that He can come in handy for that which is mentioned earlier. I am surprised though, at the level of worship He had from the greeks. His temple below:



The research files LXXIII: Maat


I’ll be talking about the egyptian goddess Maat today, the goddess that stood for positive aspects of mundane and daily life; so order, balance, fairness, honesty and so on. Basically “proper etiquette”.

Maat appears as Isis, a winged goddess that looks a lot like her, but of course not exactly like Her. To be honest, appearance-wise I prefer Isis, but that’s okay. Nothing else can be said about physical features. Interestingly, my dog’s name is Naat and I tease her sometimes about her being a canine goddess (lol) and because they sound so familiar, Maat appeared at a later stadium which I knew was going to happen.
She’s Mercurial (27° in Gemini- artist) and a powerful at that; She’s good for all things that deal with daily life, along with domestic life and related matters. Practical applications are money, family life, communication, short distance travel and so on. Law & justice are also on the table, but not her strong suit. Still good for that, though.

Minorly interesting prayers etc. here.

PS. I share these since I have no real experience in working with Her.


The research files vol. LX: Seere


I’ll be doing the goetic spirit Seere this time; He has other names, see the description from the goetia below. His name occurred to me just now, and there He was; I do like His appearance, like the goetia states: A beautiful man riding a horse, and He threw a marker in the ground. My patron told me that it’s just like a beacon for Him, to “save” people that He wants to work with. I told Seere that I’ll keep Him in mind, an interesting one for sure. Here His description with seals:



Seere’s Aquarian (17°, discernment) and thus falls under Saturn so to speak; I didn’t know what the description meant, attribute-wise, but it became clear after the checkup. I thought at first that it was referring to Him being able to help with travel, but no; Seere excels at clairvoyance and abundance therein. So if you want to learn anything occult wise, then Seere’s your man. Traveling refers to mental, NOT physically. Examples are time-traveling, astral projection etc. He’s friendly, and an initiative-taker. Reminds me a bit of Bathin.


The Research files vol. LIX: Thoth


I’ll be doing Thoth here, the egyptian God of writing, communication etc. He was one of their major Gods and very important.

Thoth is Mercurial (duh) and corresponds to 28° in Gemini, which stands for confidence. This means that engagement with him depends on you, as an operator; lose confidence in yourself and He’ll tone it down a bit too. He can help you with all things regarding communication, e.g. writing, math etc. All things attributed to Him:

The Egyptians credited him as the author of all works of science, religion, philosophy, and magic. The Greeks further declared him the inventor of astronomy, astrology, the science of numbers, mathematics, geometry, land surveying, medicine, botany, theology, civilized government, the alphabet, reading, writing, and oratory. They further claimed he was the true author of every work of every branch of knowledge, human and divine“.

When Thoth showed himself just now, He told me that He does not like to be disturbed by others, unless they’re really serious in working with Him. Appearance is typical too, half man- half Ibis, or half man- half baboon. The latter is second though.

Working with Bathin


I shall touch base on my work with the Goetic spirit Bathin; in short, he is the 18th spirit mentioned therein, and has as one of His specialties moving people from country to country. I needed help in this field, because I want to immigrate from my current location to a Western country; unfortunately, immigration policies in the West are impossible in terms of applying or anything similar…literally…doesn’t matter how educated, qualified, experienced or wealthy you are, the chances of successfully applying for even a tourist visa are ridiculously low. Before Bathin, I got a headache from simply looking at a western immigration website and its conditions, after Him, it all became clear; I knew what steps I needed to take and He brought numerous opportunities to me and opened doors for me etc, all the while giving me pleasant dreams that related to this topic.

Regarding appearance, Bathin took on the shape of a man riding a horse, transparent and all; others included a college student-looking man, wearing glasses and an alumni shirt etc, and lastly a renaissance-looking duke on a horse. He is Jupiterian, corresponds to the zodiac sign Sagittarius (25°), and is very powerful in getting things done. I can’t speak for His other abilities as mentioned in the Goetia, but His forte is definitely long distance travel. Below the description:

Description (Goetia)

His seal:


Update per 12/26/2021- Bathin is Infernal and His forte is long distance traveling; foreign cultures and other Sagittarian matters are not His specialty, but He still is very skilled in these (2nd best ability). All other attributes/ skills mentioned in the Goetia that have nothing to do with travelling & similar are false.

The Research Files vol. XLIII: Gaia


I’ll be covering a pagan goddess this time, the Greek goddess Gaia; she is the mother of the earth and nature etc. See here for more information on her. I personally don’t like pagan Gods, as my followers already know, for their lack of power for one and that fact that they’re manmade spirits, but I was inspired after playing a video game (out of boredom) called Age of mythology: the Titans, in which she is a selectable deity. It’s not all about power and some pagan entities are good to work with, and Gaia is another one of them.

Surely enough, thinking about Her drew her to me and she offered to talk to me on what she has to offer, without compensation via an offering or otherwise; she is good for everyday things, communication overall, clairvoyance (to a lesser degree), nature-related matters, mental pursuits (e.g. education wise), maternal matters, and so on. She welcomes followers, but doesn’t want to return to her “former level of glory” and mass attention; she is fond of her peace and also does not want people to ask her for vengeful tasks, e.g. harming someone, despite her being able to do so (to a certain extent).

Gaia corresponds to Mercury, with Gemini as zodiac sign (28°, originality) and says that a seal is not necessary, but people that are used to working with seals can use one of a Hexagram with a leaf symbol in the middle. She does have quite some power, so I wouldn’t underestimate her. Read here about Gaia’s greek story. I thought at first that she was Lunar due to the whole mother goddess/ nature aspect, but nope…



The research files vol. XLI: Anubis


I invoked Anubis a while ago for a customer of mine, because he was approached by Him in a dream for working out Karma. I did so readily, and He appeared in His traditional Jackal form and so on. Funny thing is that He was panting the way dogs do when they’re hot and sweat via doing so. He only did so when looking to the sides, but not when looking at me; when doing so, He was stern and strict, with yellow eyes and no pupils. Anubis is Mercurial in nature and corresponds to Gemini (18°), and is very skilled therefore in generic related matters, including the things that are attributed to Him. After the invocation, I felt His energy levels and they were moderate, and I went like “typical pagan”. I’m used to heavier energy from celestials & infernals. Nevertheless, He’s still good for workings and I wouldn’t underestimate Him. He is bound to have more than a few followers in the world, which empowers Him. He looks and is similar in appearance in terms of speaking as Set(h).