E-course in Magick


I’ve composed an online course in Magick or The Occult, and hereby publish & offer it for purchase to the public; in this course, which is composed of my book (document) and 3.5 hours worth of video instructions, I explain to people how to practise magick (western ceremonial) and provide step-by-step instructions on how to do so, and demonstrate it myself..all, live on camera. This is for anyone that is serious about becoming a magician.

After this course, you’ll be able to summon- and work with spirits successfully, and have desired results manifest. All that’s required is that you follow my given instructions.

The price for purchasing this course is $2200.

Upon ordering, you’ll be given 1) the link to the book (Very small), and 2) the link to the playlist of video instructions.

Interested people can contact me here

-The general payment methods/options I accept are Credit/Debit Cards, Bank transfers (so wires)TransferWise & MoneyGram; other methods can be discussed-

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