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Why should I advertise on your website? 

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Screenshot 2019

What kind of traffic do you get?

I run an occult website and YouTube channel, so people that are interested in the occult and related.

What are the rates and conditions?

Resolutions: 300×600– $1000 a month or 150×300– $500 a month.

You can provide the art design yourself, or I can do it for you if you’d like (recommended you submit your own to avoid a disagreement in personal taste). See above links for an idea of what they’ll look like, size-wise.

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Terms of Service/Conditions:

Payments must be submitted in advance, and no refunds given once purchase has been made after 24 hours (so cancellation is only possible within said time frame). Whether the ad will keep running regardless depends on the buyer’s wishes. If He or she does not make this clear, I am allowed to take matters in my own hands on whether the ad will stay or be removed.

Method of payment can be discussed via mutual agreement.

Success requires hard work


Success requires hard work, and it does like no other; we, unfortunately, live in a world where people are superficial and disposable even in some cases, bluntly put. People think that success, accomplishment & all the good things that can come to a person just “falls out of the sky” which is an idiotic notion to say the least.

This applies to everything in life (especially the Occult), anything that is worth doing is going to be hard, and everyone wants to benefit but no one wants to carry the horrific weight and burden(s) that need to be dealt with in order to reach the finish line.

Do you think that Bill Gates or Steve Jobs managed to do what made them rich & famous overnight? Think again. Get rich quick schemes are too good to be true, literally (in general). Even yours truly has been through all of this in order to get where He is; the sheer amount of adversity, devotion & dedication is what it takes to get to what you see today on my website & channel.

So don’t forget:

No Pain, No Gain

Does sports (horary) Astrology have merit?


For those that are unfamiliar with the header, Sports Horary is a term that loosely refers to using horary astrology to predict the outcome of sporting events and matches. Simply looking it up will give you a list of sites that describe how to do so. Most people that can think further will brush it off as a get-rich quick scheme, which is the case in general indeed. But does it have merit, at least in theory? Yes.

I have done extensive research into this matter as an occultist; as a beginner, in my “younger” occult years (when I only just got started) I made the same mistakes and had the same idiotic way of thinking that you see the aforementioned sites make.
Then, after a few years (recently) I was prompted to look into it again and I came up with a method that does work for successfully predicting the outcome of events where 2 teams/individuals face off against each other; the only drawback is that it’s not foolproof and has a 4 out of 5 success ratio (80%), so to speak.

Why don’t I use it for myself? For a number of reasons:

  1. I’m the “all or nothing” type; it’s either everything or nothing.
  2. The further I progressed in developing a foolproof method to accomplish this, the less logic worked (to my agitation; the ” 2+2=4 ” logic all of a sudden didn’t apply anymore at some point).
  3. The 80% success rate is a wild card and for me, the risk doesn’t outweigh the reward.


Anyone that is interested in obtaining this method (obviously not for free) can reach out to me


Rights to my courses for sale


I am hereby selling the rights to my E-courses for sale, meaning that you are allowed- if you buy the rights to them from me- to re-sell them as many times and re-distribute as you please.

These courses consist of my E-occult course & my E-astrology course. The price for buying the rights to either one is $15000, and if you buy both I offer a bundle deal of $25000 (so you get a $5000 discount).


Contact me here if interested; Payment methods can be discussed.


Animals and the Occult


A lot of people have a vague idea- or have heard of the notion that animals can see spirits. How true is this? The answer is very simple “very much so”; They can…

Animals have, generally speaking, refined acute senses, e.g. an increased sense of smell/hearing etc. So it’s kind of logical that their astral senses are also more refined compared to that of people. That’s why they can see spirits, but rarely do they react to them because they’re used to it and most astral entities just go about their business and bear no ill will towards others around them, like people and animals.

But on occasion you’ll get a “bad apple” or bad boy that has malevolent intentions or questionable at best, and that’s when your pet will start to act up when or if He/She is around, generally in the form of staring at something that’s “not there” or can’t be seen with one’s physical sight, making threatening sounds like barking or growling and so on.

This is also the reason for why in general, when going to a location e.g. the outdoors where animals are generally present, they won’t be there (the animals I mean); the place will be devoid of fauna, and wildlife will avoid THAT specific area.

The animals that are generally unaffected by this are bugs and insects, because they lack the spiritual consciousness in general that, say, mammals have (e.g. humans); so they’re not developed enough spiritually to be in danger or attacked by whatever entity is in their presence.

Using the occult for fraudulent ends or means


Is it possible to do such a thing, or does it occur in real life? Yes. Before I continue, I need to state for the record that I outright condemn any illegal activity in which the occult is used as a tool for improving success. The best example I can give of this topic is as mentioned below…

Sakawa– as wikipedia defines it, Sakawa is “Ghanaian term for illegal practices which combine modern Internet-based fraud with African traditionalist rituals. The rituals, which are mostly in the form of sacrifices, are intended to spiritually manipulate victims so that the scammer’s fraud is successful“.
So there you go; the theory behind this is that regardless of the magickal system utilized, it increases the likelihood or chance of success in scamming someone by intoxicating a potential target to the point that He/She is scammed to the fullest more or less, something that the average person, from a neutral PoV, has difficulty understanding. That’s why you hear people say “How can He/She be so gullible, stupid?”. It makes little to no rational sense that someone would be so dense as to fall for simple tricks/excuses to the point that He or She is being scammed for vast sums of money or resources for an extended amount of time. In this case, a spell is literally as well as figuratively cast over the victim that leaves them in that compromised mental state. To see how effective this is, there are enough statistics that indicate a rise in scams of this nature/where this practise(s) is utilized:


For more sources, see below links:

By the way, most of these scammers are of African descent and their excuse for scamming, so justifying their actions to themselves and the rest of the world is that they’re “taking what’s rightfully theirs” from “the white man”, since a good deal of their “clientele” is caucasian…obvious colonialist delusion.

Lastly, I need to mention that this topic doesn’t apply to ALL cases of fraud, just the ones where it is utilized; so this doesn’t mean that the occult is used for ALL scams, just the ones where that actually is the case.

How to dispose of ritual offerings


A question that I’ve been asked in the past is on how to dispose of offerings I make or have made to spirits I’ve worked with, or similar; I’ll be addressing that now.

In essence, offerings can be disposed of in whatever way you as a practitioner see fit or the spirit you’re offering to has told you; I have had plenty of experience with this in the past, and at first I buried it but found that to be impractical, so I just threw it in a gutter in front of my house or in the nearby brush. But in general, throwing it out with the rest of the trash is fine too, unless (again) the spirit tells you otherwise (rarely the case). Offerings in general are organic in nature, but even the ones that aren’t (these are the ones you usually leave on the spirit’s altar-recommended) are no exception when it comes to disposal. Organic food will rot away substantially quicker than it usually does by nature.

When it comes to duration with organic offerings, a few days is enough to leave them on said altar and take note to clean up afterwards, since it will be rotten or moldy and might give off a stench, etc. It’s just repeating the cycle afterwards on a periodical basis. Lastly, one can also consume the food itself, but I advise against it because the food has little to no astral nutrients for obvious reasons (know this from personal exp.).

Self-cleansing techniques


I am (in this post) going to discuss how to rid yourself of negative energy, whether it be in the form of a curse or any misc. kind of energy that is plaguing you, causing you misery & wreaking havoc. The benefit is that these techniques require no occult knowledge whatsoever and can be done/performed by anyone, more or less & with the simplest of items available.

Cleansing using salt; salt has astral (so spiritual) cleansing properties, so if you want to rid yourself of negativity in the form of the aforementioned or a location, bathe yourself or your location in water with a heavy concentration of salt (the kind of salt doesn’t matter, avg. kitchen salt will do), repeatedly until you notice desired result.
Cleansing using garlic; that same as mentioned for salt accounts for garlic. Eat garlic if afflicted, as much as possible for an extended amount of time (e.g. a month), or place cloves in or around the afflicted area (doesn’t matter if peeled or not).
Cleansing using incense/sage (reg. incense preferably Dragon’s Blood); do so by burning the previously stated in the center area with all doors and windows locked. When it comes to you it’s the same procedure, but you need to be in said room and let the vapors envelop you, so to speak. See here for stores recommended by me that sell the above.

See this article too, since it relates to the topic.



-Repeat the process if need be until you notice result-


Who were the Nephilim?


In this article I’ll be discussing the Nephilim; for those that don’t know who they are, long story short, they were the offspring of Angels (fallen) and women- See here for general information on them.

Before I get down to the core of this article, keep in mind too that for the above link the Nephilim refers to the “giants”, so NOT the fallen angels aka “Watchers” themselves. Now, down to it; I’m going to discuss what their relevance is (it’s short).

The Nephilim are like I mentioned above, the children of fallen angels & women- they were giants because of their DemiGod-likeness and “genes”, and lived more or less like the avg person back in those times. They were in height 45-50 meters tall, and mortal like normal people too. They were destroyed during the flood. I spoke (with Christ’s help) to one of their leaders, Helel; He confirmed the above and said that His father was Azazel and His mother a woman named Linda-Maria. For the rest, nothing special about them..I mean, since they’re like regular people, there’s nothing special they bring to the table for an occultist. Working with them would be like necromancy, more or less.

Lastly, Helel appeared as a tall caveman- looking man, and also as a demonic-looking figure with said face and the body of a man (Has slight shapeshifting abilities, hence this).

Haunted locations


This might be something that a lot of people are unaware of, but a surprising amount of locations in the world are haunted or spirits are present in these places; generally speaking, spirits are everywhere but some spots are noticeably more “Active” or rife with energy, and the ones you hear of aren’t usually that in a positive way.

Reasons for this? Usually tragedy or something horrible or at the very least unpleasant happening there or having been the case; Example is someone that committed suicide there and thus keeps lingering or hanging around due to discontent over his/her “failed” life and, even worse, reacts that off on any unfortunate passers-by. In these cases it’s normal to become nauseous or sick-feeling, and for irregular misfortunes to happen e.g. car crashes when that’s not supposed to happen (and you’ll read that the driver “lost control over the wheel”).

Common locations are forests, jungles, and sites that have a good amount of history (e.g. plantations). Places where there was a lot of pain and anguish, especially. Lastly, one should note that this topic can be found and/or is present globally.