5 high-end Egregores for sale!!!


Hi Ladies & Gents,

I’m selling Egregores or Thoughtforms that I created for customers/clients in the past and that have defaulted on their agreements with me or similar; these guys are, as you see below, highly skilled and experienced. Keep in mind that in addition to all written below, they can also be programmed with additional tasks.

Here they are, in order of Name- Power Level- Specialty.

  • Enrique Divino- 1000- wealth through trading & agreements. Price: $1200- SOLD!!
  • Wealthbringer- 1000- wealth by all & any means necessary. Price: $1500- SOLD!!
  • The Negotiator- 4500- wealth through business deals & corporate affairs. Price: $2400.
  • The Caretaker- 100- bringing partners together, whether it be love or sex or anything relating to those. Price: $1600- SOLD!!
  • The Thief- 1000- all things of a shady & illegal nature & obtaining money through these. Price: $2500 (Reminder to see my disclaimer on my webstore page).

PS. the power levels are based on a scale of zero to ten (so 0-10)…see how strong they are 😎💪😉

Interested people can contact me here

-The general payment methods/options I accept are Credit/Debit Cards, Bank transfers (so wires)TransferWise & MoneyGram; other methods can be discussed-

The importance of seeing yourself realistically


It’s of vital importance to see yourself the way the world sees you, so the way you factually are; most people in the world cannot do so, which is a big problem. The reason for that is that when you’re born & grow up, you’re used to seeing yourself and have an “incorrect” and biased view of yourself; you build yourself up and in your eyes you’re some kind of heavenly creature, so to speak, that can’t do or say anything wrong. This is a lack of objectivity, as outlined in this article. People are by nature biased towards themselves and excuse their faults (up to ridiculous levels even) to themselves, rather than admit to their own faults & shortcomings- let alone do something constructively about it. Weak people especially do this.

So how does one go about solving their own issues regarding the above-mentioned? There are some practical, easy steps you can follow or can do to enable self-viewership & objectivity, and to see yourself the way the world sees you. So the way you ARE, FACTUALLY. See below:

  • Get a True Mirror- a true mirror is not like a regular mirror, in the sense that you will, with a true one, be able to see yourself from someone else’s point of view. See here for info on it & here to buy it. You can alternatively also take a selfie with a camera.
  • Record your own voice when speaking; and you’ll hear what you sound like to the rest of the world, the way you TRULY sound like.
  • Video record yourself- obviously do so and go about your day…think about CCTV style footage; in the beginning you’ll be self-conscious, but later on you’ll forget about it & then after a good while, e.g. a month, you can view yourself in the recording around the time you’ve forgotten about it on tape, so to speak. A nanny cam or hidden camera would also work. And THEN you’ll see how you truly behave & are.

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Beware of the Witches


Do modern day Witches exist? Yes. But not in the way you think.

When hearing the word Witch, people think of the classical broomstick-riding hag that has a cauldron at home & lives in a cottage with a straw roof or similar etc.; obviously that image or notion is outdated..but they still exist.

The modern day variety of The Witch is a woman that practices Witchcraft, but not just any kind of woman; so how do you recognize Her or them, better said?

  • A family that has an unusually, oddly high amount of women e.g. 10 sisters, cousins etc. consisting of only one boy…
  • They more often than not look a lot like each other
  • They are at odds with each other; anything from squabbling to outright quasi-enemies.
  • They’re odd in the sense that they don’t follow the traditional status quo- they don’t seem “normal”.
  • They more often than not seem miserable & unhappy; their households are dysfunctional and filled with pain, suffering & overall misfortune.
  • They are reliant upon the few men in the household & seem to have some sway/dominance over them (guess why, hint- hint).

When you see stuff like the aforementioned, you can bet your bottom dollar so to speak that you’re dealing with a Witch(es); they often practice dark or black magick, hence the emphasis laid on negativity.

PS. also be weary of people that offer you homemade food in a manner that is very frequent..these types will implement your food with a concoction that will have an, in their eyes, desired effect (e.g. cursing you or bringing you under their control).

The indigenous that want you for themselves


It has been the case (legend has it even) that, especially if you’re a foreigner (not necessarily though) & you like traveling and exploring, you might get “snatched up” by a foreign woman (primarily applicable to men)…

I’m talking about the fact that it has happened throughout history that foreign men, when venturing into an indigenous village or settlement (especially Native American), have been hexed by women that fell in love with them and subsequently wanted them for themselves to play their version of happy home with the white picket fence & all. This does happen in regular society as well, but to a much lesser extent within this specific context. These women bind their target men to themselves & as a result, the respective guys can’t leave e.g. every avenue to leaving being blocked off somehow (all of a sudden a ride not being available, you oversleeping etc.) and/or the man in question not wanting to do so and falling in love with her. As a result, they stay there and if you were to go into a remote village or similar you would be presented with the oddest of couples ever; imagine seeing a white man with a Native American woman (and their mixed race offspring) in a village that’s only accessible by boat or plane and 100 km away.

Next question is, what are the ethical or moral consequences of all of this? Surprisingly, it’s not a “grave sin”; of course it’s wrong, but not to such a devastating effect that the woman in this scenario is going to “burn in hell” or similar. Karma will take place as always, regardless of how..

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Beware of misinformation


I’m just going to straight out say it, the way I nearly always do; There is a shit-ton of misinformation out there!!!!

Be very, very aware of, regarding the occult, what you believe in terms of what you read online because the absolute majority of it is straight up nonsense. There are people out there that will have offensive, hogwash- based content or statements that for example an Angel used to be a pagan god, a year has zodiacal affiliations, that a planet that deals with death and negativity brings health & success and related.

How do you recognize misinformation from legit material? If the author or creator can actually explain in detail what time it is and how everything fits together and how it’s valid in relation to his content.

I’m not boasting for myself (but I don’t care who thinks I do either), but my content is legit all the way regarding credibility; if I was wrong regarding something (that day has yet to come, lol) I shall be the first one to admit it.

Magickal initiation isn’t necessary


Magickal initiation isn’t necessary, plain & simple

Don’t allow yourself if you’re someone that for example wants to practice the occult or any form of Magick, to be fooled into thinking that you need “permission” from those that see themselves as being “Masters of the Art”; a lot of esoteric orders out there or at least more than a few will have you believe that this is indeed the case & that if they don’t give you the green light to practice what they deem their form of Magick, you won’t be able to…as if they have the so called “rights to it”…(scoffs)… like some magickal copyright (lol). No one owns the right to anything.

I’m going to be blunt (the way I usually am) and spell if out for you: You don’t need magickal initiation; as a magician or practitioner, you can work with whatever spirit you want. No one will limit you but your own thinking and personal circumstances.

I doesn’t matter what kind of magick you practice, you do whatever you feel like, be it Angel, Demon, Pagan God(des), elemental spirit etc. etc. etc. See an example of ignorance here.

I have already pointed this out in the past but felt the need to write this piece; if the aforementioned were the case just imagine.. You’d need to be a Hindu to work with Hindu deities, Greek to work with Ancient Greek Gods & it just goes on…ludicrous.

How (outdoor) prayer houses work


Some of you might have heard of prayer houses that people have outdoors in general- well, they’re just that- shrines or temples to spirits that they petition or work with; of course, it all depends on where in the world we’re talking about. Thai prayer houses for example are like open-air, “freelance” style temples where people can make offerings & whatnot.

The theory behind the aforementioned is that they attract spirits that will gorge itself on the offerings, and subsequently help or aid the person(s) that made the offering(s) the way they’d like to or intended.

Indian temples with flags are generally speaking outdoor “by coincidence”- they serve the same purpose as indoor ones and are devoted to one or more deities (usually, multiple flags of diff. colors indicate diff. deities).

Next, I’ll be explaining why these in general (especially the first one given as an example) are not the best in the way of ideas:

– You don’t know which spirit you’re attracting and therefore is working on your behalf.
– You don’t know what that spirit’s motivations are.
– You don’t have a personal “rapport” with the spirit, no bond even at a basic level.

And it just goes on…Problem is that using these houses is impractical because it’s too “freestylish”, similar to leaving a tip or tips to the help/personnel in a restaurant & hoping one of them will serve you well, without them knowing who the generous individual in question is.

Understanding the complexities of occult communication


In this article I’ll be discussing the complexities of occult communication; dealing with any type of occult method of working is highly complex to say the least, and it can be hard in the same fashion to be able to make full sense of everything, all the time. Pay close attention to what I say next in terms of elaboration of the aforementioned.

Any occult or esoteric technique is dependent or reliant on various factors such as your overall skill level in said method (not including a potential multitude of factors that lie outside your control). For example, working with a spirit towards a goal or objective..its success will rely on the aforementioned; the details not working out exactly as you anticipated has to do with your proficiency. You work with a spirit for money; spirit tells you ” you can expect $5000 at the end of the month in income “..that (obviously) doesn’t mean that that is LITERALLY going to happen (all the time)- Why?- because of what I said earlier; communication and you receiving the message as well as the result is as follows, outlined:

. Spirit: ” You get X amount of money in X time ”
. You: ” Okay ”

* Result: You get $2500 instead- reason? your skill level; the basic message of you getting money is understood by you, but the details not going exactly as you were told is neither your fault or the spirit’s…your skill level in general (and other misc. factors the likes of which I described earlier) are the reason.

The more skilled & proficient you become, in general as well as in your specific technique, the better the results (as is the case with all affairs in the world); see below video.

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My APEX- I’ve made it


I’ve done it; I’ve reached the climax and peak of my power as an occultist. When I first began practicing, the main reason aside from results is to be as close to God as possible. Now the time has come as God has blessed me with His power, which is a 2.0 version of The Chi Rho (also known as the dark Chi Rho). Things I’ve noticed and been told:

– Potency in workings with my spirits has increased; their energy is more focused & stronger.
– Neurosis, which is the strongest negative natural character trait I have, has gone down permanently substantially.
– Workings where I felt anxious or emotionally turbulent (also a natural trait of mine) are going much better due to me feeling a LOT more calm and cool.
– My level of concentration is better.
– Every magickal working I have and/or undertaken is much more effective; so faster and more potent results, as well as my own spiritual power level having increased dramatically.


  • I’ve also been told no more reincarnation for me; see below: