Using the occult for fraudulent ends or means


Is it possible to do such a thing, or does it occur in real life? Yes. Before I continue, I need to state for the record that I outright condemn any illegal activity in which the occult is used as a tool for improving success. The best example I can give of this topic is as mentioned below…

Sakawa– as wikipedia defines it, Sakawa is “Ghanaian term for illegal practices which combine modern Internet-based fraud with African traditionalist rituals. The rituals, which are mostly in the form of sacrifices, are intended to spiritually manipulate victims so that the scammer’s fraud is successful“.
So there you go; the theory behind this is that regardless of the magickal system utilized, it increases the likelihood or chance of success in scamming someone by intoxicating a potential target to the point that He/She is scammed to the fullest more or less, something that the average person, from a neutral PoV, has difficulty understanding. That’s why you hear people say “How can He/She be so gullible, stupid?”. It makes little to no rational sense that someone would be so dense as to fall for simple tricks/excuses to the point that He or She is being scammed for vast sums of money or resources for an extended amount of time. In this case, a spell is literally as well as figuratively cast over the victim that leaves them in that compromised mental state. To see how effective this is, there are enough statistics that indicate a rise in scams of this nature/where this practise(s) is utilized:


For more sources, see below links:

By the way, most of these scammers are of African descent and their excuse for scamming, so justifying their actions to themselves and the rest of the world is that they’re “taking what’s rightfully theirs” from “the white man”, since a good deal of their “clientele” is caucasian…obvious colonialist delusion.

Lastly, I need to mention that this topic doesn’t apply to ALL cases of fraud, just the ones where it is utilized; so this doesn’t mean that the occult is used for ALL scams, just the ones where that actually is the case.

How to dispose of ritual offerings


A question that I’ve been asked in the past is on how to dispose of offerings I make or have made to spirits I’ve worked with, or similar; I’ll be addressing that now.

In essence, offerings can be disposed of in whatever way you as a practitioner see fit or the spirit you’re offering to has told you; I have had plenty of experience with this in the past, and at first I buried it but found that to be impractical, so I just threw it in a gutter in front of my house or in the nearby brush. But in general, throwing it out with the rest of the trash is fine too, unless (again) the spirit tells you otherwise (rarely the case). Offerings in general are organic in nature, but even the ones that aren’t (these are the ones you usually leave on the spirit’s altar-recommended) are no exception when it comes to disposal. Organic food will rot away substantially quicker than it usually does by nature.

When it comes to duration with organic offerings, a few days is enough to leave them on said altar and take note to clean up afterwards, since it will be rotten or moldy and might give off a stench, etc. It’s just repeating the cycle afterwards on a periodical basis. Lastly, one can also consume the food itself, but I advise against it because the food has little to no astral nutrients for obvious reasons (know this from personal exp.).

Self-cleansing techniques


I am (in this post) going to discuss how to rid yourself of negative energy, whether it be in the form of a curse or any misc. kind of energy that is plaguing you, causing you misery & wreaking havoc. The benefit is that these techniques require no occult knowledge whatsoever and can be done/performed by anyone, more or less & with the simplest of items available.

Cleansing using salt; salt has astral (so spiritual) cleansing properties, so if you want to rid yourself of negativity in the form of the aforementioned or a location, bathe yourself or your location in water with a heavy concentration of salt (the kind of salt doesn’t matter, avg. kitchen salt will do), repeatedly until you notice desired result.
Cleansing using garlic; that same as mentioned for salt accounts for garlic. Eat garlic if afflicted, as much as possible for an extended amount of time (e.g. a month), or place cloves in or around the afflicted area (doesn’t matter if peeled or not).
Cleansing using incense/sage (reg. incense preferably Dragon’s Blood); do so by burning the previously stated in the center area with all doors and windows locked. When it comes to you it’s the same procedure, but you need to be in said room and let the vapors envelop you, so to speak. See here for stores recommended by me that sell the above.

See this article too, since it relates to the topic.



-Repeat the process if need be until you notice result-


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Who were the Nephilim?


In this article I’ll be discussing the Nephilim; for those that don’t know who they are, long story short, they were the offspring of Angels (fallen) and women- See here for general information on them.

Before I get down to the core of this article, keep in mind too that for the above link the Nephilim refers to the “giants”, so NOT the fallen angels aka “Watchers” themselves. Now, down to it; I’m going to discuss what their relevance is (it’s short).

The Nephilim are like I mentioned above, the children of fallen angels & women- they were giants because of their DemiGod-likeness and “genes”, and lived more or less like the avg person back in those times. They were in height 45-50 meters tall, and mortal like normal people too. They were destroyed during the flood. I spoke (with Christ’s help) to one of their leaders, Helel; He confirmed the above and said that His father was Azazel and His mother a woman named Linda-Maria. For the rest, nothing special about them..I mean, since they’re like regular people, there’s nothing special they bring to the table for an occultist. Working with them would be like necromancy, more or less.

Lastly, Helel appeared as a tall caveman- looking man, and also as a demonic-looking figure with said face and the body of a man (Has slight shapeshifting abilities, hence this).

Haunted locations


This might be something that a lot of people are unaware of, but a surprising amount of locations in the world are haunted or spirits are present in these places; generally speaking, spirits are everywhere but some spots are noticeably more “Active” or rife with energy, and the ones you hear of aren’t usually that in a positive way.

Reasons for this? Usually tragedy or something horrible or at the very least unpleasant happening there or having been the case; Example is someone that committed suicide there and thus keeps lingering or hanging around due to discontent over his/her “failed” life and, even worse, reacts that off on any unfortunate passers-by. In these cases it’s normal to become nauseous or sick-feeling, and for irregular misfortunes to happen e.g. car crashes when that’s not supposed to happen (and you’ll read that the driver “lost control over the wheel”).

Common locations are forests, jungles, and sites that have a good amount of history (e.g. plantations). Places where there was a lot of pain and anguish, especially. Lastly, one should note that this topic can be found and/or is present globally.

Demand the best from yourself


The message to yourself is simple, when it comes to being an occultist; demand the best from yourself. Reach for the stars, push the envelope. And so on…

The whole point of the occult is to attain knowledge & power that very few others or no one else has, to do- and to be exceptional in that regard. I have come to notice that the occult (so anything spiritual) is being dumbed down or watered down, in the sense of being made more “mainstream” and easy to-do practises, e.g. new age material and “new agers” as its practitioners. People are forgetting that nothing worth doing is easy in general, and in the occult’s case, this is the epitome of it all. I personally don’t care what happens in regards to the way occultism is approached. What I do want to state, as aforementioned, is that a “true” occultist or one that aspires to be one at it’s purest should strive towards being able to do things that no one else can do, so to speak; this is where you prove to yourself that this really is divine power- make more money than multiple people can make combined, grow spiritually and physically at unprecedented levels, attain the highest living standard possible for you, and so on. THIS is how you prove to yourself that this power is “real”…this is assuming that you indeed want all of this, of course; if not, you’re more than welcome to practise at your own pace. But the message in general is clear:

-Go big or Go home-

How to deal with Psychosis (as an Occultist)


The general person that has an interest in the occult has, more often than not, a set of character traits that can be described as (minor) mental disorders- there’s nothing wrong in itself and this is relatively normal but society can tend to superficially refer to this as being “not right in the head” and/or “psychotic” behaviour. This should (obviously) not be taken seriously.

Examples of these disorders are: a tendency to live in the past and stay stuck there in one’s mind, paranoia, anxiety, delusions & neurosis (Yours truly also has the last 2 as traits). So the question is: How does one cope with these? Take note, the following suggestions apply to everyone in general. 

. Distance yourself from the mainstream public; it’s better to be alone than to be surrounded by those that you don’t enjoy being around or those that do nothing for you, so to speak. If your circle of people is a detriment to your personality in relation to the aforementioned traits, better to distance yourself from it all. Be aware of the fact that I don’t literally mean that you should go love in a cave like a hermit..I mean that you should prefer quality and not quantity when it comes to company.

. Acceptance; you need to accept your negative traits, similar to the positive- denying them or similar will do you no good whatsoever. Remind yourself of them if need be and pay more attention to your traits until you’ve come to terms with them.

. The benefits; all things in general have their up- & downside…even negative traits, like the ones mentioned. The benefit of neurosis for example is heightened self awareness & better ability to analyze- you’ll be able to come back to a situation in order to understand it much better than the avg person. Point is, be aware of the pros of these traits.

I’ll close off by saying the following:


Accept yourself as a whole; only then will you be able to live up to your full potential. Adjust, Improvise, Overcome.

Moon phases in the occult


Moon phases in the occult; it’s not exactly a secret. I’ll start right off the bat by saying that Lunar phases and the positions of the Moon aren’t that important- not anymore than the average planet in any case, depending on the magical system you practise.

Lunar placements (so waxing, waning etc.) is primarily used in Witchcraft and Wicca (as far as I know) and to a slightly lesser extent, pagan forms of magick e.g. folk magick.
For those that are unfamiliar with this concept:

Regardless of which magickal system, Moon phases increase the potency of a working when it comes to primarily clairvoyance or clandestine workings; all things of an “occult” nature. To a lesser extent, the general things people seek in life (money, love etc.)
In general, a waxing Moon is for obtainment or increasement, and waning is for destruction in these matters or decreasement regarding effect/severity.

For more information:

Moon phase calculator


Mastering languages with Belial


This article will be about me learning a new language with Belial’s help; it had been the case I saw it necessary for personal reasons to learn a new language and Belial was magnificent despite me only learning for a brief while & putting learning this new language on hold.

It was about a month and a half at most (I think) that I was busy and He guided me through the process; it should be noted that this language is a really hard one to learn for the average person, so NOT a mainstream one like English, Spanish, French etc.
I home schooled myself by looking it up online, using Google Translate etc; He gave me tips and made the information easy to absorb to the point that I made 3 to 4 times the progress I’d make regularly, without His help. For example, if it’d take me a year without Him- with Him, it’d be a few months…

This is to hint at Belial’s skill but not a surprise, since He’s Gemini (Mercury/Sun)
Thanks for the 1000th time, “B”.

PS. The reason for me putting this project on hold, is because Chi Rho will take over.