Magic(k)al Spam


What is Magickal spam? These are thoughts that are the spiritual equivalent of e-mail spam or junk mail; when practicing Magick, you might have noticed (especially as you gradually get stronger) that weird thoughts will come to mind or you’ll have hairbrained ideas that will pop up out of nowhere. For the rest you can also expect to, for example, see the entities you work with do weird things- outright ridiculous things even. Just imagine an entity twerking and you can imagine the levels of WTF reactions you’ll get; guess what? All of this is normal….what you’re seeing is the energetic fallout of the pressure placed upon your astral body (spirit). The same way your physical body sheds dead skin cells, your astral body “sheds” negative energy that is released (so to speak) as a result of your workings. This will lead you to seeing the aforementioned. How to deal with it? Recognize it, ask yourself if unsure whether what you’re seeing or hearing or otherwise is “legit”. Usually you’ll be able to distinguish the real from the unreal. If you see a spirit smoking and it’s not in His/Her nature to do so, take a good look at them and focus (silence your mind and free yourself mentally from distractions & impurities) and you’ll see what they’re actually doing which will usually be them just standing quietly and idly by, looking or staring at you. Rest assured that all of this is normal and no need to worry that something is wrong with you or your senses or abilities (unless your senses & intuition tell you that this is indeed the case e.g. due to a change you made in how you operate that causes disruption(s)). I personally just ignore it in general; I know that my guys and energy are there, doing their thing, because I can sense it, regardless of minor “anomalies” and other kinds of weirdness, which I chalk up to my imagination. Speaking of imagination, your spiritual energy & any changes to it or adjustments can also cause your imagination to go haywire, and subsequently make it so that you see the above or odd stuff. No worries, it’s all good. Just manage like I mentioned earlier; no pain, no gain as always or usual.


Are spirits projections/ inventions of the mind?

Channeling different types of Energy


Did you know that it’s possible to channel different types of energy? How it works is that you generate spiritual (so astral) energy & convert it to anything you want, no joke. I’ve done it several times and have converted my energy to ice, fire, nature, wind, earth, lightning, etc. Anything is on the table in terms of what kind of energy you want to channel.

You might say “Cool…but what practical use does this have?” I give some examples below.

  • You can keep yourself warm in winter; yes, you heard that correctly- you can channel & convert your energy for example in winter time & when done with enough proficiency, you’ll find that you’re nice & warm for a good portion, thereby eliminating the need for extra clothing like jackets & coats when it’s cold outside. I’ve found that in my experience my torso and back were nice & warm, but the smallest parts of my body like my hands & feet were less affected which is normal, because your energy source is from your back/spine, so root chakra (spiritually of course). Obviously you can do the adverse as well- keep yourself cold in the scorching heat. Simply generate energy, convert & command yourself to do so permanently until you say otherwise. Don’t worry about forgetting, it’ll auto- turn off based on your intent; if your astral body (so spirit) senses you don’t need it anymore, then it’ll turn it off for you.
  • You can cast a highly or very detailed spell, based on your needs; for example if you want to send a specific kind of energy to someone, like a person or spirit- done.
  • You can create a “cool” elemental Egregore or thoughtform, made up entirely (more or less) out of one type or kind of energy e.g. a lightning Golem (lol).

The only requirement is that you know how to manage & direct energy.

Picture perfect examples of Wolves in sheep’s clothing

Matt. 7. [15] “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves”.

Most of you reading this are familiar with this & its meaning; those that preach religion & goodness from a spiritual vantage point and pass themselves off as holy & pure, but are nothing but schemers concerned with their own pocket and deceiving others for (mainly) financial exploitation. See my article on how to recognize a scammer, these guys aren’t far off- farfetched promises without any clear-cut explanation on how these will be accomplished, it just goes on…they prey on the mentally feeble, the desperate, the broken, those hopelessly (so to speak) looking for help & guidance, those lost in life and so on.

I’ve taken the time to compile picture perfect examples of these “Prophets”; enjoy…so to speak:

Do haunted objects (e.g. dolls) have merit?


Short answer is yes; objects can be possessed by spirits.

The legends of haunted objects, such as dolls for example is nothing new; it’s been told, retold etc. throughout mankind’s history. Several (alleged) instances are one online search away. So how does all of it work in relation to it being haunted? See below.

There are a number of ways or numerous manners in which an object can be haunted; a few examples are:

  • The owner of the object was so attached to the object in question that some of His energy went into it throughout his or her lifetime or upon their passing.
  • The object seemed appealing or attractive as an abode for an entity (bear in mind that these generally speaking are low-level spirits), and it made it its new home.
  • The object has a thoughtform in it (also known of course as an Egregore).

The above are examples of the who, what, where, why & how in relation to the topic at hand.

Also interesting to note is the fact that physical objects strengthen the connection the spirit that inhabits, “squats” or otherwise occupies the object in question has to the material world or plane, thereby making it stronger, as well as the results it brings about. You do need to be careful though, as there will be side-effects more often than not e.g. minor mishaps and accidents. That’s why these objects need to be contained by draping it/ covering it in a black or white cloth for example, thereby signifying confinement of the force(s) within.

Related content:

– Haunted Locations –

This might be something that a lot of people are unaware of, but a surprising amount of locations in the world are haunted or spirits are present in these places; generally speaking, spirits are everywhere but some spots are noticeably more “Active” or rife with energy, and the ones you hear of aren’t usually that in a positive way.

Reasons for this? Usually tragedy or something horrible or at the very least unpleasant happening there or having been the case; Example is someone that committed suicide there and thus keeps lingering or hanging around due to discontent over his/her “failed” life and, even worse, reacts that off on any unfortunate passers-by. In these cases it’s normal to become nauseous or sick-feeling, and for irregular misfortunes to happen e.g. car crashes when that’s not supposed to happen (and you’ll read that the driver “lost control over the wheel”).

Common locations are forests, jungles, and sites that have a good amount of history (e.g. plantations). Places where there was a lot of pain and anguish, especially. Lastly, one should note that this topic can be found and/or is present globally.

– Ghost Stories –

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned in the past that I naturally draw spirits to me, or attract them but if not, then now you know; I have, over the course of my life, been pestered by them until I became an occultist at least once a year. I will tell my part of some of them, as well as general tales of the paranormal/ occult of which I have knowledge.

I donated blood ages ago to he local red cross and I forgot to eat and sleep one day before donating, which are basic requirements for doing so- I started feeling dizzy after donating, and wanted to head back into the office of the red cross and after taking a few steps forward, everything went dark all of a sudden; next thing you know, I wake up on the ground, unable to move. I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair for a day and still couldn’t function normally after that for the coming two weeks. I knew by the way that by the way it all had happened, with a permanent mark left on my arm, that it was supernatural in nature & went to go see someone, and she confirmed it; she told me that my suspicions were correct, and that I was assaulted in my weakened state after donating blood by a dead person that was bitter due to the fact that He had died there, at the red cross in his lifetime. I got better because she gave me something to remove the crippling effect of said attack. I still have the mark on my hand, and don’t feel like removing it, makes for a “nice souvenir”.

Another experience I have is that where I worked as a night watchman, also a long time ago and fell asleep at some point due to boredom; I had a dream where I was in an office and someone with a huge backpack stood in front of me, in my face and thereby suffocating me. I got upset and asked that person what the hell he was doing & woke up at that time, gasping for air. That’s when I saw a black man dressed in white, colonial clothing staring at me. Well, I didn’t or better said couldn’t sleep because of him for the rest of the night. Such a pain in the ass.

Back when I was a child, I remember at some point seeing two gothic-looking men standing over my bed, them letting me know without saying anything that they’re responsible for my agony. See the video for more:


The 7th Pentacle of Mars


I undertook this project because I wanted to test my mettle, so to speak & wanted to, for bravado’s sake, cause hail & tempest just like the pentacle says (lol). No, but in all seriousness..this thing got me excited a bunch; see the description below.

The Seventh and Last Pentacle of Mars. – write thou this upon
Virgin Parchment Paper with the blood of a bat, in the day and hour of Mars; and
uncover it within the Circle, invoking the Demons Spirits of the Nature of Mars, especially those which are written in the whose Names are therein written; and thou shalt immediately see hail and tempest.

I went to work and made the Pentacle etc. as instructed (PS. Virgin parchment means clean, untouched/unused paper is all, and no bat blood needed- I used Dragon’s Blood oil & Incense). I also performed boosts, as a means of making it stronger at max. levels, specifically 5 times- every Tuesday, at night when Mars was at its absolute strongest. See the below video for the effects of the Pentacle.

This is what the consecration looked like, I recorded one of my sessions on June the 27th 2023 (PS. the red scarf looking cloth around my neck is just for empowerment’s sake- was optional but I still decided to go with it).

This is to give you an idea of what the demons of the Pentacle as I- as well as the descriptions stated look & sound like:








The oration I use(d) can be found here; you can use it yourself if you undertake this operation, but (obviously) will have to make some edits here & there..
I made my own Pentacle (as mentioned in beginning video or similar), see here.
I carried out the operation on the 11th of July, as can be seen below as well as the weather forecast and what the weather looked like in video.

  • Forecast (pay attention to the date between 11 & 16 July 2023, the RealFeel so actual temperature is around 40°C).
  • The forecast video.

Behold, Results!:

and there you go! I decided to call it quits on day 3 because I had already seen enough for my own personal taste; notable things that happened afterwards were that an application on my computer, specifically WinZip, all of a sudden started malfunctioning – this is before I officially closed everything off and deactivated the pentacle etc. I obviously feel more relaxed because there is no high level of Martian energy surrounding me & the pressure that I felt on day one especially that I had to briefly get used to, specifically on my forehead, is disappearing. I did see plenty of hellraising tempest, but that was purely astrally, so NOT in the material world (rest assured that this is a given based on the description of the Pentacle; it was only generally speaking meant to be used within a magickal circle or similar, during other magickal operations). Nevertheless, I am MORE than SATISFIED with the results 🙂

I covered up the pentacle after deactivating it, “turning it off” as well as the oration & placed it inside the Temple, along with my scarf of empowerment. Done. I know what to do (duh) if I ever have need of it again.

Something that people definitely need to remember is that this Pentacle as well as the rest in general are meant to be used in addition so as an extension to a magical operation specifically within the confines of your magical workspace eg a magical circle ⭕. 

That already speaks of how impressive what I did is in itself; the area of effect.. it’s absolutely devastating.

How to maintain ritual work when traveling; Remote Ritual Upkeep (RRU)


I’ve done 2 videos about this subject that you can find below, and the end of this article; other than what’s mentioned in these videos, I’ll share on how to do this optimally through text.

For sorcerers & practitioners that have altars, generally speaking when you’re away for longer than a day or a week etc. (a time period that overlaps your ritual-hosting sessions) you’re unable to keep working, so to speak. After all, you can’t host ritual when on a multi-day road trip or holiday….right? Wrong; you can.

A very simple, yet effective method (for experienced mages especially) is to generate energy from your own being/astral body/spirit & to redirect that energy to your altar in question. You can, optionally, also ask the spirit or entity that occupies the altar that needs maintaining to convert that energy into its own, so to just take it and convert it for its own purposes when you are busy generating. Below the outline:

  1.  State your intent (e.g. I’m about to generate spiritual energy & the intent is to direct it towards the altar or entity that occupies it/lives in it)
  2.  Generate energy (The Middle Pillar is a classical example, I don’t need to point out how to do this).
  3.  Direct it towards one of the aforementioned; see yourself giving your energy to your spirit or see your altar absorb your energy, all the while becoming its own or see yourself hosting ritual at the altar just the way you’re used to doing. 
  4.  Keep going until your senses/intuition/ Altar-occupying spirit tells you that that’s enough; convince yourself that “that’s enough”.

That’s all there is to it; this will see to it that you don’t miss a day of work, and can continue the potency of your Magickal working(s) from anywhere in essence.

Grimoires in different (non-English) languages


Hi (again), people; I have had the below magickal workbooks professionally translated into the below languages for your convenience. Enjoy. I might add more in the future 😉

Is it indeed possible to do the farfetched with/through the occult?


Yes, it is…but it’ll take a lot to say the least.

Topic of discussion is whether, for practitioners (in general), it is possible to do the metaphorical “impossible” e.g. causing an earthquake or causing heavy amounts of rain in even the driest of places. Like I said above, yes.

So how do I go about doing so then, Morino? Well, first off: you need to consider obviously why you want to do what you have in mind. You need to have a valid reason, otherwise don’t bother. Secondly, you need to take the default things into account within Magick aka the guidelines, if you will; so karma, your own strength & skill, limitations, opposing energies in your respective location(s) where the operation will take place etc.

I, for example, can do the above based on who I am (so strength, knowledge, wisdom & prominence etc.) and have, specifically altered the weather when I was “just” a generally strong magician. But if I wanted to I could do a lot more, but no need. Why? It’s impractical. I have no desire for it, nor would it benefit me. Why waste effort & energy on something like this that provides me with no serious, practical benefit. Plain & simple. Interesting video:

Below nice, real-life examples of operations that correctly claim to be able to do these types of things:


The Seventh and Last Pentacle of Saturn. – This Pentacle is fit for
exciting earthquakes, seeing that the power of each order of Angels herein invoked is sufficient to make the whole Universe tremble.


The Sixth and Last Pentacle of the Moon. – This is wonderfully
good, and serveth excellently to excite and cause heavy rains, if it be engraved upon a plate of silver; and if it he placed under water, as long as it remaineth there, there will be rain. It should be engraved, drawn, or written in the day and hour of the Moon.
Editor’s Note.– The Pentacle is composed of mystical characters of the Moon, surrounded by a versicle from Genesis vii. 11, 12:– “All the fountains of the great deep were broken up… and the rain was upon the earth.”

PS. These 2 examples were taken from the Greater Key of Solomon, Order of the Pentacles (most practitioners already know this).

Mental illness


What is mental illness? It is the corruption of one’s astral body; when someone is spiritually infected with negative energy that causes misery, regardless of the sort or kind as well as source or reason. Science defines it “A mental disorder is characterized by a clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotional regulation, or behavior. It is usually associated with distress or impairment in important areas of functioning“.

Science (including psychological counseling or therapy) can’t solve this in general (mental illness), as opposed to physical afflictions because it doesn’t understand it & therefore tries to look for a physical solution (like pumping the person in question full of anti-psych drugs) or one rooted in such for an adjacent problem. Obviously won’t work & thus unfortunately, the general consensus in society is that mental illness of a severe nature is a “death sentence”…

  • What are the roots of mental illness (in general)? Mentally ill people either come from broken homes or grow up in a dysfunctional environment that astrally “fractures” them in the long term or even permanently. The mental process that shapes a person is vital, see here for the explanation on that. Traumatizing events are also a main cause, as well as it (so mental illness) being part of their base personality; these are main examples.
  • How can mental illness be treated? See here.

So simply put, mental illness is like mental / spiritual sickness; the same way your physical body can contract or fall victim to any illness, e.g. cancer, malaria, dengue, fever, flu etc. etc., your spiritual or astral body/ mind/ mental state of being can also be- or become infected. These can (obviously) range in severity or magnitude; so someone can have superficial issues that doesn’t really impair their functionability in society, or just be plain outright insane to the point that they cannot or barely function.

Needless to say, mental illness undermines any chance for a quality of life & has to be addressed, at any & every cost.

See below playlist for all the videos I’ve done on mental illness.

PS. Let it also be noted that mental illness (especially prolonged), will also affect one’s physical appearance.

The art of Mind-delving


I’ve invented & developed a technique that most of my followers know, called mind-delving; before I continue, this is, at a base level, reading minds (I didn’t come up with that of course) but invented in the sense of the way I specifically do it. I’ve since then mastered / perfected it (even if I say so myself).

  • What is it by definition? It’s connecting with someone’s Astral body (spirit) & extracting information about them in any given way, shape or form.
  • How does it work? You gather all of your mental / spiritual strength & will yourself to connect with your target in question & them make your inquiry or state your business.
  • Are there any conditions you need to meet, or “catches?” Yes; general magickal factors that apply to any practitioner apply, e.g. how strong you are (power level), your personality in question, your level of adeptness or skill in said technique are notable mentions.
  • Is this technique error-prone in any way whatsoever? Yes; like any technique, it’s not perfect. The drawback for example is that if you delve into the mind of a target that is mentally afflicted, and are not experienced enough to recognize the “red flags“, you’ll fall for it, meaning that you’ll view their delusion or affliction as the real thing; by default, you need to be weary and alert for pitfalls, e.g. mental illness, instability, fantasy, delusion, confusion, dullness that you can mistake for legitimate intentions. When experienced & skilled enough you’ll be able to make up your own mind or draw your own conclusions and summarize what is legitimate in relation to your “victim”, and what is dismissible.
  • What are examples of the practical benefits of doing something like this? You can read someone’s mind & find out how they’re doing, what they’ve got going on etc. You can see what a location looked like in the past or the adverse; what it most likely will look like in the future. You can find out the deepest secrets about someone, a location or an event. All practical to the fullest extent.

* In relation to the last point, once you’re more experienced and can make those aforementioned recognitions, you can will yourself to ask “Is what I’m seeing real or legitimate?”, or “Neutralize this delusion & show me what is actually going on”.
* Let it also be noted that you can also delve into the mind of locations and pretty much anything you can think of, not to mention that if your object of interest is too unstable or N/A you can simply circumvent this by viewing it / them through someone else.
* You might also wonder: what about someone that’s already dead? Yes, can still be done- you will see the lifetime you are focused on, regarding your intentions (provided the person had multiple).
* You can establish severity or magnitude, meaning that you can also read someone’s mind in the above-explained manner superficially by following the same outline but in a much shorter fashion e.g. 5 seconds. You’re essentially getting a “whiff” of them.

Last, but definitely not least- VERY important as a matter of fact: you need to understand that all of the mechanics at the core or base level regarding this technique take place in / through the Astral plane (spirit world), so factors such as the names of people, minor details in relation to a location (e.g. a cup on a table that disappears after a few seconds) etc. are non-applicable or N/A; other things on the other hand, such as they way it / they look physically, cities, countries and whatnot are valid due to the fact that they are permanent in nature.

Watch videos in below playlist for utmost detail

Mind-delving, prime divination, Astral Projection 2.0, you name it.