Haunted locations


This might be something that a lot of people are unaware of, but a surprising amount of locations in the world are haunted or spirits are present in these places; generally speaking, spirits are everywhere but some spots are noticeably more “Active” or rife with energy, and the ones you hear of aren’t usually that in a positive way.

Reasons for this? Usually tragedy or something horrible or at the very least unpleasant happening there or having been the case; Example is someone that committed suicide there and thus keeps lingering or hanging around due to discontent over his/her “failed” life and, even worse, reacts that off on any unfortunate passers-by. In these cases it’s normal to become nauseous or sick-feeling, and for irregular misfortunes to happen e.g. car crashes when that’s not supposed to happen (and you’ll read that the driver “lost control over the wheel”).

Common locations are forests, jungles, and sites that have a good amount of history (e.g. plantations). Places where there was a lot of pain and anguish, especially. Lastly, one should note that this topic can be found and/or is present globally.

Demand the best from yourself


The message to yourself is simple, when it comes to being an occultist; demand the best from yourself. Reach for the stars, push the envelope. And so on…

The whole point of the occult is to attain knowledge & power that very few others or no one else has, to do- and to be exceptional in that regard. I have come to notice that the occult (so anything spiritual) is being dumbed down or watered down, in the sense of being made more “mainstream” and easy to-do practises, e.g. new age material and “new agers” as its practitioners. People are forgetting that nothing worth doing is easy in general, and in the occult’s case, this is the epitome of it all. I personally don’t care what happens in regards to the way occultism is approached. What I do want to state, as aforementioned, is that a “true” occultist or one that aspires to be one at it’s purest should strive towards being able to do things that no one else can do, so to speak; this is where you prove to yourself that this really is divine power- make more money than multiple people can make combined, grow spiritually and physically at unprecedented levels, attain the highest living standard possible for you, and so on. THIS is how you prove to yourself that this power is “real”…this is assuming that you indeed want all of this, of course; if not, you’re more than welcome to practise at your own pace. But the message in general is clear:

-Go big or Go home-

How to deal with Psychosis (as an Occultist)


The general person that has an interest in the occult has, more often than not, a set of character traits that can be described as (minor) mental disorders- there’s nothing wrong in itself and this is relatively normal but society can tend to superficially refer to this as being “not right in the head” and/or “psychotic” behaviour. This should (obviously) not be taken seriously.

Examples of these disorders are: a tendency to live in the past and stay stuck there in one’s mind, paranoia, anxiety, delusions & neurosis (Yours truly also has the last 2 as traits). So the question is: How does one cope with these? Take note, the following suggestions apply to everyone in general. 

. Distance yourself from the mainstream public; it’s better to be alone than to be surrounded by those that you don’t enjoy being around or those that do nothing for you, so to speak. If your circle of people is a detriment to your personality in relation to the aforementioned traits, better to distance yourself from it all. Be aware of the fact that I don’t literally mean that you should go love in a cave like a hermit..I mean that you should prefer quality and not quantity when it comes to company.

. Acceptance; you need to accept your negative traits, similar to the positive- denying them or similar will do you no good whatsoever. Remind yourself of them if need be and pay more attention to your traits until you’ve come to terms with them.

. The benefits; all things in general have their up- & downside…even negative traits, like the ones mentioned. The benefit of neurosis for example is heightened self awareness & better ability to analyze- you’ll be able to come back to a situation in order to understand it much better than the avg person. Point is, be aware of the pros of these traits.

I’ll close off by saying the following:


Accept yourself as a whole; only then will you be able to live up to your full potential. Adjust, Improvise, Overcome.

Moon phases in the occult


Moon phases in the occult; it’s not exactly a secret. I’ll start right off the bat by saying that Lunar phases and the positions of the Moon aren’t that important- not anymore than the average planet in any case, depending on the magical system you practise.

Lunar placements (so waxing, waning etc.) is primarily used in Witchcraft and Wicca (as far as I know) and to a slightly lesser extent, pagan forms of magick e.g. folk magick.
For those that are unfamiliar with this concept:

Regardless of which magickal system, Moon phases increase the potency of a working when it comes to primarily clairvoyance or clandestine workings; all things of an “occult” nature. To a lesser extent, the general things people seek in life (money, love etc.)
In general, a waxing Moon is for obtainment or increasement, and waning is for destruction in these matters or decreasement regarding effect/severity.

For more information:

Moon phase calculator


Mastering languages with Belial


This article will be about me learning a new language with Belial’s help; it had been the case I saw it necessary for personal reasons to learn a new language and Belial was magnificent despite me only learning for a brief while & putting learning this new language on hold.

It was about a month and a half at most (I think) that I was busy and He guided me through the process; it should be noted that this language is a really hard one to learn for the average person, so NOT a mainstream one like English, Spanish, French etc.
I home schooled myself by looking it up online, using Google Translate etc; He gave me tips and made the information easy to absorb to the point that I made 3 to 4 times the progress I’d make regularly, without His help. For example, if it’d take me a year without Him- with Him, it’d be a few months…

This is to hint at Belial’s skill but not a surprise, since He’s Gemini (Mercury/Sun)
Thanks for the 1000th time, “B”.

PS. The reason for me putting this project on hold, is because Chi Rho will take over. 




I’m writing this article as a favor to a spirit, an Angel that prefers to be seen as more elemental in nature, named Jenphorim; He asked me to do so (not the first time).

What He offers is the ability to help someone start & advance, as well as maintain their career- especially politics. He can make one become the Prime Minister or President as a best example of magnum opus-ness. 

Appearance is that of an Angel dressed in white robes, with a blue tint/hue.
Planet He aligns with is Saturn (4° in Capricorn, limitation). He does require, like a lot of spirits, that the operator or person working with Him prove Himself by being serious and focused in working with Him.  

In Hoc Signo Vinces


I have placed the Chi Rho on my arm as one can see below; I did so because I was prompted to by Christ Himself. I’ve also been told that He’ll be with me forever in order to guide me overall, aside from my Lord & Vice-Lord.

What does this sign offer? Long story short, permanent leadership ability and ascendance, as well as financial gain to say the least. I have never, ever felt power like this before. 

I am currently at 3 weeks, and the side effects in the process of it fusing with me as a whole (soul, astral body & physical body) are as follows:

  • Neurosis and rage have increased
  • Paranoia increased
  • Imagination is at surface level
  • Appetite has increased
  • Emotional empathy (so sensing what others are feeling, notably without the drawbacks, e.g. crying without the grief) is present in unusual amounts.
  • Nightmares (e.g. someone robbing me, venomous snakes)
  • Heavy astral energy paralyzing me from mid-back to shoulders

Christ is also guiding me and with me permanently as I mentioned; He takes on numerous forms, ranging from pleasant and warm to horrific and dark.

The backstory of this sign within history can be watched here, or read here.

The Chi Rho and my work with Jesus Christ will be my true Magnum Opus, and the absolute pinnacle of my occult work and career- It doesn’t get any better than Him, I’ve been told. An indescribable honor. 









In Hoc Signo Vinces
In This Sign Thou Shalt Conquer

The art of Prophecy


Most of us are familiar with (historical) figures like Nostradamus and their prophecies on events from the past, present and especially the future; and many wonder whether they’re legitimate, so if their work has merit and is genuinely true or just a hoax. I’ll be discussing the occult legitimacy of how these Seers or Prophets obtained these visions, regardless of whether they were right or wrong.

It is realistically possible to foresee the future and events in the above-mentioned way, but a lot of hard work has to be done (obviously). A solid technique for doing this is scrying with the intent to tap into the Akasha; the Akasha is the occult universe in which all information is stored, “God’s Library” if you will. Once that is done, the individual can ask questions and He’ll be answered in visual images. Example is a magician that has mastered this skill doing so and asking “What notable things will happen to me next year?” and seeing an astral or ethereal video on Him getting married etc.

Interesting to note is that “funny magick” you see in comical sketches and cartoons have their origin in this occult venture, e.g. a fortune-teller sitting and telling you your fortune with a crystal ball & the evil witch looking into a mirror that divulges secrets etc.


A fortune-teller with a crystal ball


The evil queen and her magick mirror from the cartoon “Snow White”










Keep in mind that the previous technique I described is not the only way of course, as other seers for example have other methods, e.g. being born with this “gift”. A grimoire/magickal workbook called the “Grimorium Verum” has an outline for fashioning such a mirror, so it’s not uncommon within the occult, as you can see.


Solomonic mirror

-A short part from the above-mentioned Grimoire-

” The manner of making the mirror of Solomon, appropriate for all divinations. In the name of the Lord. So be it. You will see in this mirror all the things that you will wish. In the name of the Lord, who is blessed. First, you must not commit carnal actions, either physically or in thought, during the prescribed time described below. Secondly, you must perform many good works of piety and of mercy “.




The Great Kabbalah Of The Green Butterfly


The Great Kabbalah Of The Green Butterfly“; in short, this ritual will see to it that the spirit Astaroth will appear and will fulfill your wishes in general. Below from the grimoire itself:

” Around the year of the world 3087, Sesac, King of Egypt, received from a friend, a famous necromancer, a box made from a single diamond, which held a secret on which his happiness depended. He gave him the key, but with orders to open it only after a year.
Sesac, obliged to go combat his enemies, departed after giving this precious box to his wife, carrying with himself the key, which was lost. She tried every means to open the box without breaking it, but in vain. But since the box was of great value by itself, she then made a present of it to the Emperor of China, and it remained in his family unopened
until nearly a century ago. At that time, it was stolen by a Jew in the service of the court, and it was brought to Europe. Fearful of being caught with the box, he broke it open, and thereby the following Kabbalah was recovered. In the month of May, June, or July, towards noon, travel to the forest closest to your house, and say the Oration of the Salamanders. Then seek out the largest tree in the forest, climb up onto one of the
largest branches, and striking thirty times on a copper pan, you will see coming towards you a flight of butterflies with green wings. Catch the largest one, if you can, and put it in a virgin snuffbox. Return home, light a beautiful fire of alder wood, pouring three
liters of brandy on it little by little, having care to watch the flames as the liquor is spent. When the fire has died, place the box in the ash for thirty-eight hours, and when you take it out, carry it to the parish and try to put the box under the largest candelabra of the altar. On the next day go to hear mass, and make a general confession. On the feast day
of your patron saint, around midnight, lock your room, having made the Grand Appellation, which you will find in the true book The Red Dragon. Astaroth will appear to you under the form ordered. He will ask you for your orders, and he will carry out without reply anything that you demand from him.

1. He discloses all hidden treasures to you up to ten leagues distant.
2. He introduces you to the person you will marry.
3. He reveals the age when you will marry.
4. He leads to your room any person that you wish.
5. He reveals the more hidden secrets of nature.
6. He brings you a sum sufficient for living the rest of your days.
7. He indicates the remedies that will be effective in all diseases.
8. He removes from your fields and house hurricanes and harmful animals, and anything that might harm your interests.
9. He can declare who are your enemies and who are your friends.
10. He can transport you to any place that appeals to you.
11. He can reveal the numbers that will be drawn a month before
the lottery.
12. He gives the power to render you invisible.
13. He can render judges favorable to you, so that nobody can
speak badly about you.
14. He makes you win at any sorts of games, and renders you lucky
in all.”


The manner of seizing the Green Butterfly.


You obtain a net such as one usually takes to collect butterflies.
The hoop of the net must be at least nine inches in diameter, and the
depth should be about fifteen inches. The handle should be between
nine and ten feet long. Place around the hoop and inside some flowers,
on the calyx of which the butterflies can come to rest. This means
of attracting them continuously will soon provide occasion to catch
one of the green butterflies.


* I took a look into this and this operation is legit & very potent, as long as it’s performed within the guidelines of the grimoire itself. So if successful, all the above will or can be yours.

It is also important to note that this operation can only be put into work for three months of the year.