Occult stores & related


I will give away stores and related where occult wares can be bought, and general gifts relating to wealth that is excellent for making offerings; these are stores that I’ve discovered over time and work with.

. 100 candles; a store where colored candles in all shapes and sizes can be bought, as well as candle-related accessories.
. Doc Solomon’s; great store for people that deal in Solomonic magick. Owned as far as I know by Aaron Leitch.
. Anubeion Creations; I love their oils, but they sell powders & incense as well. All the oils I use are from them and only them.
. APMEX; great online store for buying precious metals & related; have been a client for a while now.
. Gemselect; for all types of gems in all shapes, sizes and prices- this includes planetary corresponding gems.
. Custom made; online jeweler for custom made as well as regular projects. They’ll make jewelry in general precious metals e.g. pendants.

Other stores are good too, when looking for archangel amulets and so on, or lesser metals like Bronze or Tin; examples are Ebay & Etsy.
My Lord Samael flag (and future ones) at Bestflag.
My weaponry on Amazon or SKD.
My own webshop: Webshop.

* A website where one can find other occult channels (I’m also mentioned btw), is Feedspot.