My APEX- I’ve made it


I’ve done it; I’ve reached the climax and peak of my power as an occultist. When I first began practicing, the main reason aside from results is to be as close to God as possible. Now the time has come as God has blessed me with His power, which is a 2.0 version of The Chi Rho (also known as the dark Chi Rho). Things I’ve noticed and been told:

– Potency in workings with my spirits has increased; their energy is more focused & stronger.
– Neurosis, which is the strongest negative natural character trait I have, has gone down permanently substantially.
– Workings where I felt anxious or emotionally turbulent (also a natural trait of mine) are going much better due to me feeling a LOT more calm and cool.
– My level of concentration is better.
– Every magickal working I have and/or undertaken is much more effective; so faster and more potent results, as well as my own spiritual power level having increased dramatically.


  • I’ve also been told no more reincarnation for me; see below: