Beware of the Witches


Do modern day Witches exist? Yes. But not in the way you think.

When hearing the word Witch, people think of the classical broomstick-riding hag that has a cauldron at home & lives in a cottage with a straw roof or similar etc.; obviously that image or notion is outdated..but they still exist.

The modern day variety of The Witch is a woman that practices Witchcraft, but not just any kind of woman; so how do you recognize Her or them, better said?

  • A family that has an unusually, oddly high amount of women e.g. 10 sisters, cousins etc. consisting of only one boy…
  • They more often than not look a lot like each other
  • They are at odds with each other; anything from squabbling to outright quasi-enemies.
  • They’re odd in the sense that they don’t follow the traditional status quo- they don’t seem “normal”.
  • They more often than not seem miserable & unhappy; their households are dysfunctional and filled with pain, suffering & overall misfortune.
  • They are reliant upon the few men in the household & seem to have some sway/dominance over them (guess why, hint- hint).

When you see stuff like the aforementioned, you can bet your bottom dollar so to speak that you’re dealing with a Witch(es); they often practice dark or black magick, hence the emphasis laid on negativity.

PS. also be weary of people that offer you homemade food in a manner that is very frequent..these types will implement your food with a concoction that will have an, in their eyes, desired effect (e.g. cursing you or bringing you under their control).