Mental illness


What is mental illness? It is the corruption of one’s astral body; when someone is spiritually infected with negative energy that causes misery, regardless of the sort or kind as well as source or reason. Science defines it “A mental disorder is characterized by a clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotional regulation, or behavior. It is usually associated with distress or impairment in important areas of functioning“.

Science (including psychological counseling or therapy) can’t solve this in general (mental illness), as opposed to physical afflictions because it doesn’t understand it & therefore tries to look for a physical solution (like pumping the person in question full of anti-psych drugs) or one rooted in such for an adjacent problem. Obviously won’t work & thus unfortunately, the general consensus in society is that mental illness of a severe nature is a “death sentence”…

  • What are the roots of mental illness (in general)? Mentally ill people either come from broken homes or grow up in a dysfunctional environment that astrally “fractures” them in the long term or even permanently. The mental process that shapes a person is vital, see here for the explanation on that. Traumatizing events are also a main cause, as well as it (so mental illness) being part of their base personality; these are main examples.
  • How can mental illness be treated? See here.

So simply put, mental illness is like mental / spiritual sickness; the same way your physical body can contract or fall victim to any illness, e.g. cancer, malaria, dengue, fever, flu etc. etc., your spiritual or astral body/ mind/ mental state of being can also be- or become infected. These can (obviously) range in severity or magnitude; so someone can have superficial issues that doesn’t really impair their functionability in society, or just be plain outright insane to the point that they cannot or barely function.

Needless to say, mental illness undermines any chance for a quality of life & has to be addressed, at any & every cost.

See below playlist for all the videos I’ve done on mental illness.

PS. Let it also be noted that mental illness (especially prolonged), will also affect one’s physical appearance.