The Research Files Vol. XXXIII: Matariel


I recently started researching spirits that deal with weather anomalies, so ones that have the ability to change the weather. I favor angels or demons in general, but the former more to be honest. My eye and mind fell on this guy when looking for someone. Enter Him, here he is: The angel Matariel. Short story on him is that he is the angel of rain. His name is mentioned in Enoch 3, as seen below, to the left.










When researching Him, it turns out that he is Mercurial (Virgo, 26°) and very skilled to say the least in what he does; corresponding elements, unsurprisingly, are Air & Earth. He can cause rain and drought adversely. He is a just one and absolutely not once to coerce though. When I summoned Him, he appeared as an elf looking figure, with long, silver hair and also dressed in a silver-colored robe. This is the first time I’ve seen an angel look like that. He took to the Air sometimes, and same colored wings. His voice is normal, sophisticated and clear, yet stern. He is the perfectionist type though, and asks me when reading my mind if he is correct in what he is “seeing”. When asking Him if there was anything about himself that he cared to share with me aside from what I already know about Him, his reaction was “Tell you what, invoke me more times in the future and I’ll tell you more about me; not necessary at the moment”. I have high hopes for Him, since every reading I do on Him and related point to his great skill and they match his physical appearance.- the refinement, the minor feminine traits. Below his seal given to me. He laughed a bit when I stared at it and asked me if I didn’t like His seal. I was just a bit disappointed with my small crooked drawing, but ah well.

See here for more information on Him as well as other weather spirits