The Research files vol. XLII: Tzaphkiel


I invoked the archangel Tzaphkiel due to the fact that I had bought a laptop that crashed after just a few days because I disabled updates on Windows 10; Tzaphkiel rules Saturn with its zodiac signs Aquarius & Capricorn. The former deals with technology generally speaking, hence it being linked with the planet Uranus too. This laptop gave me so such trouble, that, after trying everything I was on the verge of throwing it away, but then I thought of doing this.

When Tzaphkiel appeared, He looked like a modern gothic figure, dressed in a black robe with a staff in hand and long, black hair; He also wore a longhat in the beginning, but removed it later on. I performed a one-time invocation and He told me to place the laptop on the altar, and afterwards His seal on it when starting it. The impossible happened: it started up! Drawback is that, as His energy faded over time (1hr.), so did the laptop’s functionality. I committed to ultimate work, but even that didn’t work due to a lack of resources. Pictures of the altar, etc. and a unique seal He gave me are here. Watch the video too if you want, explains everything better.

In May 2022, I did some work with Him for a week (6 days was enough) in order to repair my cellphone which had severe issues due to a specific working that took a toll on it. Success! Almost as good as new.



There has been another instance too, where I had internet issues and He helped me after an invocation by making me use other resources to aid in said matter that were available, the likes of which I never would’ve thought of.








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