Do haunted objects (e.g. dolls) have merit?


Short answer is yes; objects can be possessed by spirits.

The legends of haunted objects, such as dolls for example is nothing new; it’s been told, retold etc. throughout mankind’s history. Several (alleged) instances are one online search away. So how does all of it work in relation to it being haunted? See below.

There are a number of ways or numerous manners in which an object can be haunted; a few examples are:

  • The owner of the object was so attached to the object in question that some of His energy went into it throughout his or her lifetime or upon their passing.
  • The object seemed appealing or attractive as an abode for an entity (bear in mind that these generally speaking are low-level spirits), and it made it its new home.
  • The object has a thoughtform in it (also known of course as an Egregore).

The above are examples of the who, what, where, why & how in relation to the topic at hand.

Also interesting to note is the fact that physical objects strengthen the connection the spirit that inhabits, “squats” or otherwise occupies the object in question has to the material world or plane, thereby making it stronger, as well as the results it brings about. You do need to be careful though, as there will be side-effects more often than not e.g. minor mishaps and accidents. That’s why these objects need to be contained by draping it/ covering it in a black or white cloth for example, thereby signifying confinement of the force(s) within.

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– Haunted Locations –

This might be something that a lot of people are unaware of, but a surprising amount of locations in the world are haunted or spirits are present in these places; generally speaking, spirits are everywhere but some spots are noticeably more “Active” or rife with energy, and the ones you hear of aren’t usually that in a positive way.

Reasons for this? Usually tragedy or something horrible or at the very least unpleasant happening there or having been the case; Example is someone that committed suicide there and thus keeps lingering or hanging around due to discontent over his/her “failed” life and, even worse, reacts that off on any unfortunate passers-by. In these cases it’s normal to become nauseous or sick-feeling, and for irregular misfortunes to happen e.g. car crashes when that’s not supposed to happen (and you’ll read that the driver “lost control over the wheel”).

Common locations are forests, jungles, and sites that have a good amount of history (e.g. plantations). Places where there was a lot of pain and anguish, especially. Lastly, one should note that this topic can be found and/or is present globally.

– Ghost Stories –

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned in the past that I naturally draw spirits to me, or attract them but if not, then now you know; I have, over the course of my life, been pestered by them until I became an occultist at least once a year. I will tell my part of some of them, as well as general tales of the paranormal/ occult of which I have knowledge.

I donated blood ages ago to he local red cross and I forgot to eat and sleep one day before donating, which are basic requirements for doing so- I started feeling dizzy after donating, and wanted to head back into the office of the red cross and after taking a few steps forward, everything went dark all of a sudden; next thing you know, I wake up on the ground, unable to move. I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair for a day and still couldn’t function normally after that for the coming two weeks. I knew by the way that by the way it all had happened, with a permanent mark left on my arm, that it was supernatural in nature & went to go see someone, and she confirmed it; she told me that my suspicions were correct, and that I was assaulted in my weakened state after donating blood by a dead person that was bitter due to the fact that He had died there, at the red cross in his lifetime. I got better because she gave me something to remove the crippling effect of said attack. I still have the mark on my hand, and don’t feel like removing it, makes for a “nice souvenir”.

Another experience I have is that where I worked as a night watchman, also a long time ago and fell asleep at some point due to boredom; I had a dream where I was in an office and someone with a huge backpack stood in front of me, in my face and thereby suffocating me. I got upset and asked that person what the hell he was doing & woke up at that time, gasping for air. That’s when I saw a black man dressed in white, colonial clothing staring at me. Well, I didn’t or better said couldn’t sleep because of him for the rest of the night. Such a pain in the ass.

Back when I was a child, I remember at some point seeing two gothic-looking men standing over my bed, them letting me know without saying anything that they’re responsible for my agony. See the video for more: