The occult & children/the elderly/the sick or dying


Usually children and to a lesser extent the old, sick and/or dying are more in tune with the paranormal- as in being able to see the dead or spirits. Why is that?

Reason is that children are more attuned due to the fact that they’re “new”, so newborns and the young are closer to the spirit world and therefore are more susceptible towards energies on that front. That’s why children are more likely to have “Imaginary friends”, not to mention the fact that they’re still innocent and not tainted by conventional thoughts in society that are generally “anti-paranormal” or non-spiritual in nature, with a heavy focus on materialism. As for the latter mentioned, e.g. the sick etc; it’s all about physical compromise- since their material bodies are in a semi-functional state, they are automatically more prone to energies and whatnot. On rare occasion, people that are on the verge of death will see things like the Grim Reaper or similar coming for them in horror (usually these weren’t very good people) or have the whole “tunnel and white light or hellish” visions for the simple reasons that their astral bodies are already ready to move on or astral Déjà vu.