The Research files vol. LII: Asmodeus


I will discuss the Goetic spirit Asmodeus, aka Asmodai/ Asmoday; He’s #32 in the Goetia and I also, similar to Caim, have no experience in working with Him but will discuss his skillset since I have done research on Him too.

Asmodeus is Venusian, with Libra (6°, psychic) as sign- He is skilled in balancing one out to a great degree, and thereby making that person improve in life overall. He can also make one very clairvoyant and open up one’s abilities. He appears at the time I’m writing this like depicted in general, a monstrous being similar to a real life version of Jabba the Hut.

Here His description with seal below:

The other skills He has are obviously Venusian, so that’s that. The conditions under which to summon Him (along with the rest of the Goetia, pretty much) only apply to the system outlined in the Lesser Key of Solomon, but not in general. So no cap off or anything else as requirement. But he appreciates the gesture nevertheless, He tells me.

Lastly, interesting story; Back when I was a beginner with zero experience, I kept thinking about Him one night while almost falling asleep while hypnotically saying His name subconsciously, and He appeared briefly by storming across the room in a second. Heart dropped and eyes bulged open, since I wasn’t a mage back then.