The research files vol. VI: Quetzalcoatl


It is time for the sixth volume of research files and I will cover summoning Quetzalcoatl in this one; for those that do not know who he is, Quetzalcoatl is an Aztec pagan God which was a major and main deity in their times. See this Wiki Page .

I invoked Quetzalcoatl and right away I noticed that the energy isn’t as strong as when summoning an infernal/ celestial spirit; even now as I’m typing I can barely feel the energy. Reminds me a bit of Osiris. My research pointed out that Quetzalcoatl is a Solar deity (Leo, 0°). He confirmed this, along with his skill which is self-mastery and balance; he can balance someone’s life out and level every aspect of their lives and facets to the point that he/ she is perfectly in harmony- we’re talking about financially, mentally etc. There is one drawback however, which is that he only helps people in the long term. No short term workings or one-time summonings (aside from my own which he was okay with because it was only for information), you’ll have to work with him for at least a year in order for him to accept & notice worthy changes. He doesn’t like it when you ask too many questions and will ask you right away from the start what you want to know and list all of yours in advance. Depiction is the same as those you’ll find online, e.g. winged serpent, Aztec shaman nicely dressed, etc.

He giggled a bit at the seal I made and told me it was only a novelty and “nice, but not necessary”; he insisted on me eating some from his offerings and lied to me in the sense that when I told him to go & cleaned up afterwards he still made one comment on me burning the seal and that that is not necessary too, followed by “Sorry, I told you I’d leave but felt like lingering”. He’s gone now. He spoke as an Aztec too with the accent and grammar and all, pronouncing everything clearly- No “hasn’t”, but “has not” and so on.