The art of boosting businesses


Using the occult for improving one’s business is one of the most fruitful & practical things that can be done, when it comes to making money or financial profit. I have experience in this and will point out to things that need to be kept in mind & how things should be done.

It can be hard to find spirits that have this specialty or skill, but one shouldn’t focus specifically on that aspect. Spirits that are generally good at making money and related or improving status are enough for this goal. Boosting is a heavy operation too, since the logical thing is to boost for an entire month and great offerings will have to be made in order to get great results in general. It’s more like an initial investment.

Another thing to keep in mind, and here is where astrology comes in play, is what zodiac sign your business or job falls under. Notable examples are Audio/Video dealings and the selling of vehicles- these fall under Gemini. Household goods and real estate fall under Cancer. And so on.

The spirits that I have experience with in boosting are Lucifer, Belial, Salas’ash; all of them have gotten good results, the last two especially because both of them are Geminis. Lucifer, as I mention in his article, is Solar but Solar spirits can be used for most businesses or jobs. There can be a catch however, when doing so. The best results will come from teaming two spirits up to do something. More than that is not recommended, since it is pretty much overkill. One will do well, but two is the best option by far. For anyone wanting help with this, I offer help to people that want to do so via my webpage.
I will boost your thing for you in the same manner as explained above; it applies to a job where you have to or rely on getting customers (commission based work for example) or if you own a business. For the rest it’s up, up, up!