The Ars Nova & merit of the Mighty Oration


The lesser key of Solomon which consists of 5 books (conventionally speaking) has as the 5th book the Ars Nova; before I begin with this subject, I do need to point out in case there was any confusion whatsoever that the Ars Nova & the Ars Notoria are NOT one and the same. Now, let’s move on to the actual topic.

The Ars Nova, as a book, contains the names used in the Lesser Key of Solomon and phrases and/or divine phrases that are used in occultism overall, especially within Traditional Grimoire Magick; and the icing on the cake, what the main focus of this article is, is the Mighty Oration.

See below in full:

” By the most great & almighty power of Alpha & Omega, Jehovah & Emmanuel,
and by him that divided the Red Sea & by that great power that turned all the waters &
rivers of Egypt into blood & turned all the dust into flies & chains & by that great power
that brought frogs all over the land of Egypt & entered into the King’s Palace & chambers
& by that great power that terrible thunder & lightning & hail stones mixt with fire, &
sent locusts which did destroy all growing things in the whole land of Egypt, & by that
great power that destroyed all the first born of the land of Egypt both of man & beast, & by
that great power that divided the hard rock & rivers of water issued out of the sand of the
wilderness, and by that great power that led the children of Israel into the land of Canaan
& by that great power that destroyed Sonachoribs great host & by that great & almighty
power of him that walked on the sea as on dry land, & by that almighty power that raised
the dead Lazarus out of his grave, & by that almighty power of the blessed & holy & glorious trinity that did cast the Devil & all disobedient Angels out of heaven into hell that thou thief return immediately & restore the goods again which thou hast stolen away, therefore in & by the names of the Almighty God before rehearsed I charge thee, thou thief to restore the goods again immediately or else the wrath of God may fall upon thee & force thee to come immediately. Amen. “

My intuition drew the Ars Nova & specifically this Oration to my attention; it is quite powerful & potent, that’s why. Watch the video below for a detailed explanation. You can find the Ars Nova for viewing & downloading here.


The chart I refer to in the video here; the Part of Fortune in Scorpio as well as the 10th House refers to the described intensity & the Earth in Sagittarius stands for an abundance in activity in obtaining the operator’s desires.

The Sonachoribs – Sennacherib “connection” I bring up in the video:

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