Does the church offer salvation?


Hahahahaha…answer is NO; the church is based on nothing than lies, deceit and hypocrisy. Ask a pastor or reverend if he has ever seen an angel or demon and you’ll hear no in nearly all cases. What does the church offer to people in terms of practicality?  What do they offer that actually helps people in a spiritual sense? When has someone seen the results of going to church, spirituality-wise? NEVER.

I’m an immense church-hater for these exact same reasons; going to church is like being scammed- you’re investing time, energy & sometimes money in something that gives zero benefit, and when these issue are brought forth, you’ll get dumb, political responses that don’t answer your questions. Not just these issues, try asking the pope himself about the meaning of existence. This in fact is a testament to how stupid mankind overall is, and ignorant to the point where they’ll believe anything that a corporation or organization tells them.

The true path to God and practical spirituality lies in the occult; if I want to know what the meaning of existence is or any other God-based question, or want help in any endeavour, my patron angel or any other suitable spirit is there to answer or act under the right conditions. No “He works in mysterious ways” or any other bullcrap; they’re there, I can see them and can talk to them in real time. I see what they’re doing and the results thereof. Straightforward answers and emotions.

The church is nothing more than a corporation looking to enslave and exploit the masses. Thank God I’m not a sheep.