The research files. vol L: Shalgiel


Hereby filing the entry for myself on the angel Shalgiel, also known as the angel of snow and comes from the book of Enoch; as cited, “Shalgiel who is appointed over the snow”.

Shalgiel is Martian, and corresponds to the zodiac sign Scorpio (13°, electric) and is a strong one for general weather changes. Appearance is that of a big angel in orange/ dark blue colored robe, holding a scythe and/ or an hourglass(es) sometimes. Very pushy and anxious to “get to work”, unsurprisingly, based on the fact that He’s Martian. He stayed with me the entire night until I carried out the ritual, this was a one-time invocaction with as goal making it snow in my tropical location. Working was a failure, due to the fact that I overreached myself in the sense that a one-time summoning isn’t nearly enough for a goal as severe as the aforementioned. Will keep Shalgiel in mind though. No seal necessary He says, but if I want I can use that of the zodiac logo Scorpio within a Hexagram. See below:



Audio entry on another weather spirit, Matariel mentioned in the Book of Enoch: