Refining my levels of Clairvoyance with Barbatos


I wanted to improve upon my levels of mind-delving by my own standards; they’re already unrivaled even if I say so myself, but I wanted more- specifically, I wanted to be able to come as close as possible (so to speak, from a relative point of view) to the material plane/world & view things in real-time.

Barbatos offered to help when I was brainstorming on how to best accomplish the aforementioned; I confirmed everything as usual through my readings & whatnot and great promise was the answer & I could sense that as well. I had to, in short, put a tattoo of His seal on me- & host a one-time ritual for Him afterwards with great offerings outdoors. Done deal, see images below.


I used one of my old “I am the Dragon” logo business signs as a makeshift altar surface & subsequently disposed of those offerings in the pond in my front yard & done deal.

The result was evident to me; I noticed a clear difference in terms of my levels of clairvoyance in a ” before & after ” manner; everything, literally everything I do spiritually has more context to it. See video(s) below for more info.


Wallpaper Barbatos logo here; See here for the violet version.


– Thank you, Barbatos –