How (outdoor) prayer houses work


Some of you might have heard of prayer houses that people have outdoors in general- well, they’re just that- shrines or temples to spirits that they petition or work with; of course, it all depends on where in the world we’re talking about. Thai prayer houses for example are like open-air, “freelance” style temples where people can make offerings & whatnot.

The theory behind the aforementioned is that they attract spirits that will gorge itself on the offerings, and subsequently help or aid the person(s) that made the offering(s) the way they’d like to or intended.

Indian temples with flags are generally speaking outdoor “by coincidence”- they serve the same purpose as indoor ones and are devoted to one or more deities (usually, multiple flags of diff. colors indicate diff. deities).

Next, I’ll be explaining why these in general (especially the first one given as an example) are not the best in the way of ideas:

– You don’t know which spirit you’re attracting and therefore is working on your behalf.
– You don’t know what that spirit’s motivations are.
– You don’t have a personal “rapport” with the spirit, no bond even at a basic level.

And it just goes on…Problem is that using these houses is impractical because it’s too “freestylish”, similar to leaving a tip or tips to the help/personnel in a restaurant & hoping one of them will serve you well, without them knowing who the generous individual in question is.