The 3rd eye and the Kundalini


Hello people; I’ll be covering the two above mentioned topics.

The 3rd eye is the astral eye that enables one to be able to communicate better with the unseen or with the spiritual within the universe; generally speaking, one’s 3rd eye can be activated through the pineal gland which is, for most, calcified and dormant. Stimulating this organ will lead to awakening one’s 3rd eye. Here a video that can be listened to with headphones in order to get there, along with a set of exercises to do so. You decide your timetable, but per example: listening to the video 3x a day is enough for success. You’ll feel your gland beating immensely during this. You can stop when your own senses tell you too. You’ll have mastered it by then.

The Kundalini is a surge of energy, simply put, that will make one more clairvoyant; it’s symbol is that of a snake or serpent crawling up one’s spine, since the sensation does feel that way in general. Based on my own knowledge, experience and the description, Kundalini & the Middle Pillar ritual are one and the same; once mastered, you will be able to awaken and direct energy from within, for example to bless/ consecrate items. Kundalini will also make one more Clairvoyant. You can stop when your intuition tells you to, a signal that you have mastered it. Here a video showing you how to perform the ritual.