Channeling different types of Energy


Did you know that it’s possible to channel different types of energy? How it works is that you generate spiritual (so astral) energy & convert it to anything you want, no joke. I’ve done it several times and have converted my energy to ice, fire, nature, wind, earth, lightning, etc. Anything is on the table in terms of what kind of energy you want to channel.

You might say “Cool…but what practical use does this have?” I give some examples below.

  • You can keep yourself warm in winter; yes, you heard that correctly- you can channel & convert your energy for example in winter time & when done with enough proficiency, you’ll find that you’re nice & warm for a good portion, thereby eliminating the need for extra clothing like jackets & coats when it’s cold outside. I’ve found that in my experience my torso and back were nice & warm, but the smallest parts of my body like my hands & feet were less affected which is normal, because your energy source is from your back/spine, so root chakra (spiritually of course). Obviously you can do the adverse as well- keep yourself cold in the scorching heat. Simply generate energy, convert & command yourself to do so permanently until you say otherwise. Don’t worry about forgetting, it’ll auto- turn off based on your intent; if your astral body (so spirit) senses you don’t need it anymore, then it’ll turn it off for you.
  • You can cast a highly or very detailed spell, based on your needs; for example if you want to send a specific kind of energy to someone, like a person or spirit- done.
  • You can create a “cool” elemental Egregore or thoughtform, made up entirely (more or less) out of one type or kind of energy e.g. a lightning Golem (lol).

The only requirement is that you know how to manage & direct energy.