How to deal with Psychosis (as an Occultist)


The general person that has an interest in the occult has, more often than not, a set of character traits that can be described as (minor) mental disorders- there’s nothing wrong in itself and this is relatively normal but society can tend to superficially refer to this as being “not right in the head” and/or “psychotic” behaviour. This should (obviously) not be taken seriously.

Examples of these disorders are: a tendency to live in the past and stay stuck there in one’s mind, paranoia, anxiety, delusions & neurosis (Yours truly also has the last 2 as traits). So the question is: How does one cope with these? Take note, the following suggestions apply to everyone in general. 

. Distance yourself from the mainstream public; it’s better to be alone than to be surrounded by those that you don’t enjoy being around or those that do nothing for you, so to speak. If your circle of people is a detriment to your personality in relation to the aforementioned traits, better to distance yourself from it all. Be aware of the fact that I don’t literally mean that you should go love in a cave like a hermit..I mean that you should prefer quality and not quantity when it comes to company.

. Acceptance; you need to accept your negative traits, similar to the positive- denying them or similar will do you no good whatsoever. Remind yourself of them if need be and pay more attention to your traits until you’ve come to terms with them.

. The benefits; all things in general have their up- & downside…even negative traits, like the ones mentioned. The benefit of neurosis for example is heightened self awareness & better ability to analyze- you’ll be able to come back to a situation in order to understand it much better than the avg person. Point is, be aware of the pros of these traits.

I’ll close off by saying the following:


Accept yourself as a whole; only then will you be able to live up to your full potential. Adjust, Improvise, Overcome.