The research files vol. XV: Anael


I got to invoking the Archangel Anael, that rules the planet Venus, a good time ago for two customers and I am very pleased to say that the 2nd one, that wanted love, has gotten what he wanted after 10 days. The first customer is still a work in progress and interesting thing was that Anael appeared to me and offered his services to help him out. Regarding the second one, I got to full blown invocation on that matter.

Anael appeared as a Caucasian man, dressed in a green robe and black sandals. He held several things in his hands, sometimes a spear and other times something else. Big, beautiful green wings could be seen and he had black hair, curly hair that dropped down to the front of his face. Anael’s voice is divine and strong too, similar to Zadkiel but without the echoing effect and silencing the environment. He also wore black bangles or something similar to that on his wrists. He is the strong, silent type and does not like to waste time and wanted to talk only about the necessities. He favors light, hence me leaving all the lights on. Regarding color, he likes green and black. When reciting the oration, he helped me by reciting too and his voice became so overwhelming at a certain point that my own voice was drowned out. When it comes to skills, he rules Venus that in its turn rules Libra & Taurus, so things like friendship, love and related along with the arts or all art forms can all be considered his forte. Interesting thing lastly; I smell a rose scent and have his thanks while writing this.



Seal Anael

  • Unfortunately, the client did not live up to his end of the agreement, does not want to pay me and therefore will be punished oh so severely by Anael. He will take away this service and devastate/ traumatize him romantically.