The research files vol. V: Imanza


Hi again, in this article I will cover the identity of a spirit that is unknown to others since he is not listed in any grimoires; his name is, as the header already states, Imanza & he is an Angel which resides in Tiphareth, so the Sun. I met him as I mentioned in my article on Climbing the Kabbalistic Trees.

The funny thing about Imanza is that he has ties to Mercury since his zodiac sign is Gemini (4°) but identifies with and/ or to the Sun nevertheless; one needs to negate the fact that Mercury rules Gemini & the fact that the Sun rules Air as an element. He takes from- and has studied under Raphael. His skill, at which he excels is healing unsurprisingly, and in a conductive manner to be exact. He is very friendly, sympathetic and polite. Also very savory of energy and dislikes wasting it. He didn’t even want to appear to me physically since in his words I “can already see him astrally & anything more would be a waste of energy and unnecessary”. I agree with him of course, but he will flat-out refuse to help you and say “no”, not the type to force or coerce.

Imanza takes on the appearance of a blonde angel wearing white/ yellow robes, holding a modern Rod of Asclepius. He told me that the staff is just to look fancy is all.

For summoning him, Solar attributes are best of course and he is fond of honey, sunflowers and the likes. When asked for help, he will gauge/ measure the situation & give his answer with brief elaboration. His energy is stronger than the usual spirit but also fades quicker. He deals in all types of healing, so mentally as well as physically.

Seal Imanza