The research files vol. VII: Aciel


I hereby bring the matter of invoking the entity Aciel to everybody’s attention; for those that do not know him, he is a spirit listed in Johannes Faust‘s grimoire “magia naturalis et innaturalis”; general info taken from the grimoire, which is in German, online is here. There are no other sources of information otherwise as far as I can see.

Aciel is dubbed a a solar spirit that is kept in check by Raphael and very aggressive which can be concluded from his name that supposedly means “God burner”, “Black Sun of God” and so on. His skill or specialty is listed as bringing wealth to the operator.

I was planning on invoking Aciel for a large sum of money and did so too; before, during and after the ritual he appeared to me as a Sphinx & a normal as well as a black lion of which I found the last one to be quite beautiful. He does, according to my research correspond to the Sun (Leo, 18°) and he is a “bulldozer”; he will do whatever it takes to bring you the money you desire, although is indeed dangerous in the sense that he seems to drain life energy from the operator, but very friendly himself. I state this because I felt like fainting near the end of the ritual which was partly my fault because I got a bit in my own head too much (don’t know why, the first time that this happened), but for the other part it was all him. I had to sit down for a minute or five to come too. He was very talkative and tried to make small talk with me, and the most important thing was his honesty; he openly told me that there is a chance he might not be able to give me what I want- he might need more time or my offerings are not enough for completion of the task. I agreed with him that if that be the case, he simply tell me near the end of the deadline with mention of reason. He was glad to hear so and agreed to it.

Lastly and interestingly, he told me that he was from the Angelic order of Powers, and that his fall was due to him disobeying God, hoping to return to his former position. Reminds me of a Goetic spirit. A publishing company is working on releasing the grimoire in English and are currently sold out but restock regularly. Here.

* Aciel has shown me an alternate form of his, an Angel dressed in red as per July 17th, 2018.