The research files vol. VIII: Lucifuge Rofocale


I invoked Lucifuge Rofocale and will discuss the results of said invocation; things started off by my Patron, My beloved Lord Samael, telling me that turning the lights off before ritual is recommended since Lucifuge’s name loosely means “He who flees light”, so the ritual was held by candlelight. When he spoke to me his voice was old mannish, so like that of an elderly man. He appeared to me primarily as a Komodo Dragon standing on its 2 lower legs, wearing a crown and holding a royal scepter. He told me that he was from the Angelic order of Potestates and does not wish to return to the order and be pardoned. He was of a high rank to his own saying & content with his position as the ruler of Satariel. At the beginning of the ritual I felt a strange sensation creeping up on the back of my head and it was neutral- not pleasant but also not too unpleasant. Regarding my request, he told me that there is no guarantee that he will be able to meet my request; he is not stating that he cannot meet my demand but due to external factors in my life doing so is harder and basically more difficult to accomplish then my payment to him warrants.

Regarding his attributes, he is Martian in nature (Aries, 9°) and he is one of the Royal Treasurers and treasure keepers of Hell. He does have the ability to bestow fortune upon the operator but that all depends on how much effort he or she does to accommodate him. He is high-maintenance and asks for great offerings if one wants good and quick results. He does not care for fluids (drinks) and likes dry and spicy food etc.
He was friendly although can be aggressive if challenged and pushed. He favors his seal from the Grand Grimoire.